Friday, August 20, 2010

pale blue people

Ladies, for your viewing pleasure, I give you the 2011 Sexy Irish Farmers calendar...12 months of hunky men who also glow in the dark!


Jay G said...

Um, what's Mr. April doing to that sheep?

Mike W. said...

You actually clicked on the link Jay?

I figured I'd pass this one up as it might be geared towards a different audience.

Now Breda, if you can find a Sexy Irish Farmer's Calendar of the fairer sex.....

Anonymous said...

Mikw W. I looked. But my reason for looking was just to see if I could see guys more pale than myself.

I didn't.


dr mac said...

A half naked farmer sitting with a couple of pigs in a trough is "viewing pleasure" ???
Maybe you were thinking about BLTs ?

Anonymous said...


The guy on the left in picture #9 looks just like me!