Saturday, August 7, 2010


Going to Camp Perry to meet up with Robert Langham of Blackfork.Today, he'll be shooting a Garand and a Vintage match on the shores of lovely Lake Erie. (and hopefully going out for burgers with us after, to this little place with a rifle hanging over the bar.)

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Earl said...

He has been there for days, having way too much fun. Texas is well represented. Glad you are getting out, hope Mike is shooting, too.

Old NFO said...

Enjoy Robert is truly good people!

Buckshot said...


Where is this little place with the rifle hanging over the bar?

Been up there many time, hear of many things, some still there, some not. Never heard of this one, at least not IDed that way.

Have you made it to Mon Ami yet?


Breda said...

Nick's Roadhouse - the have the best burgers!