Wednesday, August 18, 2010

some nerve

I had another chiropractic exam yesterday to assess my progress and I'm halfheartedly happy to report that I half-graduated. I still have to visit the nice man once a week to let him pull on my skull and make scary sounds with the vertebrae in my neck. My lower back is all good, though, so hooray.

Unfortunately all of yesterday's poking and prodding and twisting and turning have managed to anger that pesky occipital nerve and it's currently screaming at me to go lay down with an ice pack.

You know...even though it's said time heals all wounds (and I am getting better), I still think I would have preferred the 60 days house arrest the other person involved in the accident got, instead of the past 6 months of this.


Anonymous said...

*virtual no-contact hug with morphine*

OrangeNeck said...

It would be better if time wounded all heels.

Mike W. said...

*hands Breda some virtual Percocet from his stash of narcotic painkillers*

Glad to hear only one spot hurts now instead of two.

tsimer said...

*hands Breda BredaCat for some lovin'*

Hope this is the end of the pain.

Jeanne S said...

I hope you feel better soon. One of the downsides of no longer being a teenager is that it takes longer to get better...but I personally think the flip side is you appreciate it more.