Thursday, August 26, 2010


Tonight's B B & Guns has been postponed until next week because of a little scheduling mix-up at the library. We do this show for fun, and we do it for free - there's no law that says we have to do it every week.

Bonnie could have done the show alone, but really? Since doing a couple shows myself, it's clear that the shows are better with both of us co-hosting. Also, the topic we had agreed on is really pretty awesome and I'd hate to miss out on the conversation.

So until next week, BBGunners...


Weer'd Beard said...

Totally understand...but also it will be missed!

Mike W. said...

Shit happens. Have fun at the library.

Matt said...

Actually, I for one prefer the shows where you host on your own.

(Bonnie's nice and all. But if she's on the show, there's no correct volume setting. Either it's too quiet to hear you and the callers, or else she blasts my ears off.)

But still...have fun at the library. Or at least have as non-painful an experience as possible. (Hey, I don't know what the mix-up is. To me, "library"=="fun", but "work"=="avoid pain". Breda must necessarily have a different algorithm. :) )

Anonymous said...

We'll keep, surely :)


seeker_two said...

Well...just for that, I refuse to listen to your podcast this there!

Hope all is going well. Looking forward to next week!