Tuesday, August 24, 2010

WTF, News Herald?

It's never good when a small town photojournalist tries to get creative.

(although, honestly? if I was one of those boys, I would so have that photo blown up and framed to hang in my office until the day I die.)


Divemedic said...

The article itself is nothing new. When I was in HS, I must admit that I tried my hand at football during my junior year, even though I sucked at it. My semi official position was tackle dummy.

To play defense at my high school, the requirement was that you had to be able to bench press at least 200 pounds, and you had to be able to run a 40 yard dash in less than 5.0 seconds.

Lawyer said...

That really is a bad picture.

First, it might be a bit early for the cleavers. That will come later. Then, they're holding the knives all wrong. In addition, they should be wearing aprons, or whoever does their laundry is going to be really, really upset. Finally, they need to pull that other butcher block behind them and bring it next to the first one. That will give them a little more space.

Earl said...

I think the boys will cherish the picture, blow it up to poster size for their girl friends' friends to freak over, a bit too much Stephen King and not enough Friday Night Lights.

Kevin Creighton said...

Speaking as a recovering pro photog and a former stringer for a small town newspaper, getting an assignment like his is both fun and challenging.

Fun in that you usually have no editorial guidelines other than what the story's about and have time to actually set something up, challenging in that you have o rely on your creativity and lighting skills and not wait for the shot like on a sports assignment or at a press conference.

Two quick things could have improved the shot: Get down lower and shoot up, (increasing the drama), and ditch the knives. Quickly.

Oh, and redo the lighting. One light into ceiling? How boring.

lee n. field said...

Did you look at the comments on that story? Euuuu, pansy alert!