Friday, September 3, 2010

the new menace

Oh, and you all were so worried about zombies. Fools!
And if these little bastards team up with octopi, we're all doomed.

(Book find of the day! I LOLed.)


Mike W. said...

Oh great, now we're going to have to guard against having our feet cut off at the ankle.

At least the red pointy hats make them easier to spot.

SCI-FI said...



Those murderous little bastards have my credit card number now...

Jim said...

If you think this book is funny, you will absolutely howl when you get a chance to read Larry Correia's latest Monster Hunter: Vendetta. His treatment of the social structure of lawn gnomes had me giggling for a week.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Don't worry about being booked on Travelocity, worry about the fact that these little orcs have access to jets world-wide and must be considered "Airborne Qualified!" That pointy red cap is actually a Beret hiding their Secret Weapon, the Head Butt Spike! Nearly got gutted by one when I tripped at the old neighbor lady's front lawn. Swore the evil little bastard was running towards me!

Glenn B said...

I am pretty sure that most of the measure I have taken to be ready for a zombie attack will also work against these little boogers. Of course I may have to start mowing the lawn a bit more often to see these guys coming and maybe I'll have to start wearing stove pipe leggings.

All the best,

Jennifer said...

You're all wrong. This is what you should fear
Seriously, that creepy guy keeps me up at night. I see him on the way to church!