Saturday, September 4, 2010

to top it all off

Bacon Day was a great success, despite my not having three whole meals. A couple slices for breakfast, a few on a late lunch BLT and I found I wasn't hungry for supper.

That just meant there was more room for dessert.

(& yes, that's brown sugar cinnamon pig candy with chopped nuts on ice cream...and it was good.)

Extra long bike ride tomorrow. Oink.


Alan said...

Now I HAVE to try bacon in my ice cream.

Christina LMT said...


Ed Rasimus said...

Was that an original creation (if so, kudos!), or is it culled from a magazine or cookbook idea? If the latter, then what mag or book? I'm having old man erotic sensations just looking at the pics!

Breda said...

Ed - I'd seen bacon ice cream around the web, but this was my own invention.

Zendo Deb said...

I suppose you have had these bacon martinis and other cocktails I am seeing lately.