Thursday, October 7, 2010

BB&Guns: Integration

Tonight's topic: how being a gun owner affects you and changes your life, even down to your subconscious.

Wanted: calls from new gun owners and new CCW permit holders.

Who: Breda, fabulous guest host Weerdbeard, and YOU

Where: BB&Guns, on BlogTalk Radio

When: 7PM, eastern

See you then!


hiroshi_tea said...

As much as i like Weerd, i'm missing Bonnie as your co-host

Breda said...

I miss her too. :)

Weer'd Beard said...

That Weer'd guy sucks! You've totally lost me as a listener!

bluesun said...

Ahh, maaaan! I just got my permit a month ago but I have other stuff that I have to do on Thursday nights...

Mike W. said...

Tell that Weer'd guy not to down a whole bottle of Bacon vodka before the show airs.

Snoring is only appropriate for VC.

Heath said...

Weer'd gonna play you the song of his people? :-P

Sean D Sorrentino said...

I can't be there live, so i'll listen on Internet Memorex later. (did I just date myself there?)

I thought that I was political before I started carrying. I was always ready to holler at the TV, and I read a lot of blogs, but I didn't get up off the couch much. I got the PA License To Carry Firearms and that all changed. Suddenly I was going to Open Carry picnics and taking my gun to the PA Capitol building (leaving it in the locker) and lobbying with PAFOA. I went to town and to County meetings. I got Lehigh County PA to change their park signage that prohibited guns illegally. I know so much more about my rights now than I ever did before.

I have only lived here in North Carolina for a few months, so I am not as "hooked up" to the local gun lobby people as I was in PA, but I am taking friends to the range and helping them get Concealed Handgun Permits.

I wonder if that is the real reason the anti-gun people exist. They know that if I never carry, I never think about the stupidity of some of the laws. If I never question, I never think to change the laws. And most importantly, if I never talk to any of my local friends, they probably will never get involved, organized, and active. Sheep are easier to lead. They want a herd, not a pack.

Since I started getting active in Pennsylvania, naturally I compare the laws here in NC to there. The one that really gets my goat, and was the biggest hassle for a lot of you guys at the NRA convention was restaurant carry. One of my closest friends at the time survived the Luigi’s shooting in Fayetteville in ’93. And still today, no guns in restaurants that serve alcohol. It’s my latest post at my blog.