Monday, October 11, 2010

Northcoast blogmeet pt. 2

You'd think the amount of shooting and revelry a girl could have would be near limitless.

But you'd be wrong. I'm all funned out. (but happily contemplating next time!)

Ammo shortage? What ammo shortage?

I had an amazing time this past weekend and would like to thank everyone who attended. There were so many firearms, so much ammo and food that I think we could have easily invaded a smallish country and kept the troops well fed with the aftershoot potluck. Everyone left tired, happy and full of meat. I'd call it a success.

Our hosts Heath and Amanda deserve all the credit. Thank you so so much for all your hard work.

(more pictures soon, gotta get to the library.)

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Bubblehead Les. said...

My $.02 input to the AAR:
1) How could you miss such a large, hulking target like "Lurch" T-Bolt, or were you practicing "Shoot to Wound"?
2) If anyone left hungry, they must be anorexic/bulimic! Hope you didn't have to throw out too much of the food. BTW, try mixing the Beef with the Beans, it's great!
3) Do we car pool up to Jay's next year, or is the Entrance Visa's to the VolksRepublik too expensive?
4) How'd the .38 S+W work out for you?

In all seriousness, Carol and I had a GREAT time. She finally decided on what Pistol and Rifle fit her, so we hope to be upgrading in the next few months.

Next event: Mid-December Christmas Party at Willoughby Brewing Company? No need to cook on your behalf, it's nearby, and someone else can do the cleanup after we get done "talking a little treason".

Once again, thank you and Heath and Amanda and everyone who did all the hard behind the scenes legwork. Private email on the way.

Mad Saint Jack said...

My thanks to Heath and Amanda as well, and it was great to meet everyone.

Next time Breda needs to try someone's .45 ACP Glock to see which force is greater: Glock hate or .45 love.

Jay G said...

I have a G30.

Just sayin'.

Thanks so much for helping to arrange everything, and thanks to everyone for coming!

Old NFO said...

I'm envious :-) Glad y'all had a ball, isn't it amazing how good a bunch of folks gunnies are!

Heath said...

It turned out awesome, we're glad everyone had fun! Thanks to everyone for coming out, you folks really made it what it was.

We appreciate all the help during and after the shoot. Cleanup was easy because you guys didn't leave any mess!

You guys rock ;)

Don't let Breda fool ya either, she rounded all of you up AND made delicious food!

Same time next year?