Thursday, December 30, 2010

BB&Guns: Out & proud!

Even though there are lots of reasons why a person might feel the need to hide their 2nd Amendment orientation, all of us will eventually experience the need to 'fess up to our love of the gun.

Tonight JayG and I will discuss what it's like "coming out of the closet gun safe" - and we of course want to hear stories of your experiences, too...especially if you are not what society would consider a typical gun owner. (Ladies, this means you.)

So join us tonight for all this (and probably more!) on BB&Guns, at 8PM eastern. This is the last show of 2010 so pour yourself something festive, log in for the chat, and be sure to call in!


ViolentIndifference said...

Another one that I can't get to live. But I'm very glad that you keep doing this and that you make it available to download. I like your format a lot - easier to listen to than some other *cough* gun podcasts. Keep up the good work!

Thanks, Blogmom!

Jay G said...


Thanks for putting up with me for another show, Breda!

sofa said...

Going public has consequences.

Bumper stickers garner attention from police & vandals & criminals

Open Carry draws attention of police. Criminals want to know where you live. And Open-Carry excludes you from otherwise public places due to unConstitutional laws (that are effective barriers).

Speech at work affects jobs & promotions.

Speech at 'non-gun' social situations can isolate anyone as 'pushing an agenda'.

A deliberate campaign has confused most folks I run across; anti-violence has been morphed into anti-self-defense against violence.

Look forward to the conversation!

Pawpaw said...

What? Coming out of the gun safe?

I've always been a gun nut since I can remember, and I've always been willing to talk guns, shoot guns, teach guns.

What planet do those other folks come from?

ViolentIndifference said...

Paw Paw: Easy to imagine that there are people that have not had the same experience as you. At least I can imagine that if you can not.

There are people that get into guns even though they have not been exposed their entire lives. And I thank God for that.

Sometimes, though, that journey isn't an easy one. Neither my lovely bride or I grew up around guns. We GREW INTO them, instead. It has been a new and relatively recent journey for us, and something we are really enjoying doing together.

We have noted that our experience has illuminated the differences because of sex. If my wife and I were to both do something mundane or something unusual, why is it treated as a matter of course for me, but an point of attention for her?

If we both grew lemon trees out of the top of our heads, why do people push me out of the way to gawk at my wife? (Other than the fact that she is a hottie. With nice lemons.)

My wife works with "gunnies". She now fits in. :-)

WV: unterde If we were to unterde out gov't, there would be few people left.

Old NFO said...

I've got to agree with Paw... I've been 'out' since I was about 9 years old... As for those LWLs, well, they can leave if they don't like me... :-)

Mike W. said...

"There are people that get into guns even though they have not been exposed their entire lives. "

I definitely fit into that category. Bought my 1st gun at 21 and had no experience with them prior to that.

falnfenix said...

i fit into that "no prior experience" category, as well, but i bought MY first at 27...or was it 26? in any case, i come from a staunch anti family, so there's no way i would have had exposure early in life.

Mike W. said...

Funny how some of us turn out very pro-gun after being in anti-gun families our whole lives, huh?

I will continue the work of turning my family members in 2011, and of course I'll blog about it.

sofa said...

Speech Protectors?

Gun related sticker = Harrassment