Monday, December 6, 2010

Mother daughter day

Mom's been delighted with her first ever gun purchase, but needed to learn how it worked. So a few weeks ago, we went to the range to try it out.

I'm familiar with how the Beretta 70 functions because it's very similar to my Bersa (the blow back design and one button mag release make things simple), so I felt fairly confident showing Mom how to load and shoot. The pistol came with only one 8 round magazine, so we were going to get a lot of practice.

I took the first few shots with it, and was really impressed. I like a bit of recoil so shooting .22LR is disappointing for me. I usually plink for a while and end up getting bored but the Beretta's size offered a sturdy little push and felt fairly substantial in my hand. The trigger was a dream - smooth and crisp, just what I like. And accurate, wow! I could have shot it all day.

Instead, I happily handed it over to the reason I was there. (at the range and, well..on the planet)

Mom did great! She handled the pistol like a pro - loading, unloading and racking the slide - and her shooting was good too. She wasn't getting bullseyes every time but she kept her shots on the target which, considering it was a new-to-her pistol, she had a broken shoulder last year, and she hadn't shot in a very long time, is a huge accomplishment. I'm quite proud of her.

You can see how well she's doing on this target we shared. That's her shots there on the left and my group on the right. I was shooting .380.

She took the target home to add to the growing collection on her fridge.

It was a good day.


Jay G said...

[applause for Mom F.]

(and for Breda for bringing Mom to the range. I need to bring Mom G. one of these days...)

Cargosquid said...

What was the distance?

Earl said...

May you have many more days like that.

Mike W. said...

Way to go Mom Fallacy!

I need to get Mom W. back to the range sometime soon.

Old NFO said...

Nicely done for BOTH of y'all!

JD said...

I'd say she shoots good! Heck, my first trip to the range with a pistol and I didn't even get on the paper. . . . Don't want to tell how long it was til I could get on the paper. . . . = )

Way to GO! Looks like good shooting runs in the family . . .

Mr. Casey said...

Beretta triggers are often very pleasant and the ergonomics of their little handguns are as pleasurable to operate as the big guys, too. Ah, Pietro and Sons, doing a find job with the firearms since dirt was new!

Kudos to you and mom! Love to see people embracing their rights!

On a Wing and a Whim said...

Looks like a great day!

Congrats to Mom! Tha's some fine shooting for first time on a rebuilt shoulder!

Ian Argent said...

I'm going to offer some (unsolicited) advice to anyone who plans to take infrequent visitors to the range: invest in a couple pairs of inexpensive electronic ears. Being able to converse (more or less) at normal volume levels (assuming you don't have the local Class III enthusiast next to you) makes a BIG difference. I now have 3 sets and am probably going to pick up a fourth shortly. The ear-muff style ones are getting rather cheap these days; and you can always use them yourself.

I just brought my father out to the range for the first time since I've been alive (!) and had a great time. Lucky him, he's an NRA life member and lives within driving distance of their lovely range in the basement of the HQ.

Buckshot said...


The next time you go out shooting with Mom, bring her down 3 - 5 clicks and try to determine what in her grip is putting her consistently left.

She is shooting a great group for a newer shooter, just need to get them POA-POI on the target now.

Doesn't have to be drudge work, you can still have fun while getting her dialed in.

Good job!


Glenn B said...

Your mom did well for a new shooter.

DirtCrashr said...

I'm jealous. My wife won't play with semi-autos and thinks my .38spl is puny. She liked a 357magnum at her Gun Safety class, but I don't have one. Maybe I can get her to try my .45 Colt - but it's a big old gun.
And for my mom, fuggedaboudit. :-(

TrueBlueSam said...

Breda: My mom started out with a
P22 auto, then bought a Single-Six, then a .45 Blackhawk, a 22/45 hunter, and a PK380. She loves to shoot all of them, especially her .45. The Blackhawk is her primary home defense gun, and she has a Crossbreed holster for her .380. Mom's greatest problem is getting range time during the winter; they are calling for ten below this weekend. More guns are more fun, so I sent her a Crosman pellet pistol, which she can use in her garage to keep her trigger finger practiced up until spring.

Your mom will have a great time in the years ahead as she makes a whole new circle of friends at the range. Hardly a week goes by without someone asking my mom for advice on buying a gun, or asking to go shooting at the local range. It is an adventure!