Thursday, December 9, 2010

well, what do YOU want to talk about?

After a two week hiatus (first for Thanksgiving and then last week I was SO sick), I'd like to do a BB&Guns this evening, but I'm at a loss - I can't decide on a topic. I thought maybe we could talk about why it might be becoming harder to start a gun blog, or perhaps a little bit about the impending holiday and what the hottest gunnie gifts might be, or....well, I have no idea. JayG has offered to cohost so no matter what it should be interesting and fun.

So join us this evening at 8PM on Blogtalk Radio, register to chat and, by all means, call in! The interaction is part of the fun.

Talk to you later on BB&Guns!


ViolentIndifference said...

This is the message that I got when I registered:
Welcome to BlogTalkRadio!

As part of the BlogTalkRadio community, now you can:
1) Add friends and follow your favorite hosts and listeners
2) live with hosts and listeners
3) Message friends and hosts
Breda? For #2 do I get my own room? Or do I have to share?

VW: ingshrin I'd hate to be ingshrin a room...

Mike W. said...

We could revive the old "Chili, Beans or no Beans" debate....

Old NFO said...

Glocks vs. 1911s :-)

Glad you're 'back'!

JB Miller said...

Gun content in the Media:

TV: The Walking Dead!
Movies: Ridley Scott Alien Prequal
Books: The Patriot
Web: Fav blogs and sites

HeroHog said...

Hi Breda! Tried to hang in there for a chat but my DSL connection pretty much bytes and my connection via Skype is iffy at best I am afraid! You SHOULD at least be able to tell me from other Skypers as I DO have it set to Identify me. I am in the 318 area code but that doesn't mean that is what Skype will use...
Maybe later. Till then, Ta Ta!

Merlin said...

Thank you for taking my call last night. That was fun, and it was good to talk to you and Jay.

Maybe next time I want go all fanboi on you guys :)