Thursday, January 6, 2011

BB&Guns: Packin'

Tonight's show is going to focus on CCW: your friendly hosts' personal experiences, what you say when someone asks you why you carry, awesome dead goblin stories and your "first time" - we totally want to hear about that.

So join JayG and me this evening at 8PM (eastern, AKA Bredatime) on BlogTalk Radio for 2011's first episiode of BB&Guns!

Log in for the chat and be sure to call in. The number is (347) 215-8643...we want to hear from you!


ViolentIndifference said...

Really looking forward to this one!

Breda said...

Call in!

Mike W. said...

Sounds good. My 1st CCW experience would make some of the PSH'ers have convulsions.

Lissa said...

Thanks for specifying Eastern time - that always bewilders me! :)

teke175 said...

I missed the live show (Kids Gymnastics conflict). Catching up by listening to Podcast this morning. Alread listed to Segment on Cam and Co.

Had my permit for year and a half. My first time. Drove kids to school, went to Starbucks and Target. Felt like everyone was staring. Especially the HPD officers sitting in S-Bucks. Felt like they could see right through me with X-Ray vision.

My most unnerving experiences have been with wife and Kids. My wife still does not fully agree. We were in Target and she didn't know I was carrying and she reached around me. Was waiting for the big agrivated "WHY DO YOU HAVE YOUR GUN!" comment. Other is son likes to stick his hansd up the back of my shirt. Waiting for him t hit it or push shirt up over my gun and expose me. TX is non-oc. Although that counts as accidental exposure still would expect PSH from public.

With a new holster got out of car and shirt had ridden up over grip. I'm sure the 70yr old woman getting into the car next to me saw it. She looked but said nothing. I fixed my shirt and went on with my business.