Monday, January 24, 2011

a funny thing happened

While in the (warm, sunny, beautiful, snowfree) southwest last week, Mom and I had a chance to meet some fellow gunblogians* for a Mexican dinner and a margarita as big as my head.

Since I didn't inherit my mother's sense of direction, I navigated by iPhone and we arrived just when we promised we would. Inside we found that David, Mrs. David, and Hank had already gotten a table for our little gathering - so we settled in to wait on Kevin Baker, king of the gunblogs.

After my mouth had achieved a satisfactory burning sensation from the chips and green chile, I thought I should probably check my email (iPhone again), in case Kevin had sent me a message saying he'd been delayed. Nothing. Where was he?

Just then I got a text message from Alan of Snarkybytes. It read: "Did you just try to contact me? I just got a call from Arizona."

Hmm, I hadn't, but what an odd coincidence.

I checked my email again. There was a Twitter message from Mr. Boomershoot Joe Huffman. "Kevin Baker is trying to contact you. Please call him immediately." Joe helpfully supplied Kevin's phone number.

I called Kevin right away, asking where he was.

"I'm in the restaurant, waiting for you!" he said.

I was puzzled. "Los Dos Molinos? In Mesa?"

"Yes. Where are you?"

"Sitting at the table, waiting for you."

As Kevin made his way over to us, I got another text message, this time from Chance of SayUncle. "Kevin just called," it read. "I gave him your number."

I laughed. Friends from Arizona, Texas, Idaho, and Tennessee had been relaying messages in an attempt to locate the gunchick from Ohio...and I'd been on the opposite side of the same restaurant the entire time.

Isn't the internet amazing? You meet the nicest people here.

*gun·blog·i·an [guhn-blɒɡ-ee-uhn]

–noun, plural: -i·ans.

a person who contributes through writing, reading or commenting, to an online community that focuses on firearms and Second Amendment rights.

2. a term invented just today.


TinCan Assassin said...

But were you on the way to the forum?

Jay G said...

Heh. Name-dropper... :)

Marty said...

It's a series of tubes.

John said...

AAAARGH!!! You were HERE, in TOWN, no less, and eating at Los Dos??? First the NRA convention, and now THIS? I think we need to become bitter enemies.

Mike W. said...

Don't forget to thank Al Gore....

I am jealous. Los Dos Molinos has some kickass enchiladas.

Don Meaker said...

I so long to return to America from California.

JP 5.56 said...

You know, I live in Arizona and like mexican food too! *throws the left out temper tantrum*

Old NFO said...

Just goes to show we also look out for each other... :-) Glad you were able to meet up with them.

Anonymous said...

Technically I was in Washington state and was walking "home" (I have a small underground bunker that isn't what I really consider home) from work at the time rather than being in Idaho.

But, it was kind of a neat how it worked out.

David said...

I already found it amusing that we were lead to the table just as you came in the door next to it. But the chain of messages to find two people 40 feet apart was definitely the topper. :)

.45ACP+P said...

Proud to be a fellow gunblogian!

Kevin Creighton said...

What John said. :)

And Los Dos? That can overwhelming for people born and raised here, I'm surprised (the other) Kevin subjected you to that!

Kevin said...

SHE told ME to meet her there!

And it's not true! I was OUTSIDE the restaurant. She and Bredamom snuck past me somehow!