Thursday, January 27, 2011


Edible sunshine.

(My cousin in Arizona has citrus trees. We brought home a suitcase full.)

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Edwardo said...

I found it very interesting the number of citrus trees I saw in Phoenix. All the lower limbs had been picked clean. I was surprised to see them flourish in a desert climate.

be603 said...

Ha! I totally get this. I grew up in apple country love all those cold weather fruiting trees. E

However,even though it's been almost 30 years since the Navy transplanted me to SoCal, I still get a bit light headed about citrus growing all around me.

My wife finally told me to stop planting any more citrus around our property (we have 6 avocado remaining from when it was a grove).

I think 11 citrus trees is the final count (for now? >;-) ). Valencias, Washington Navel, Ruby Red, Meyers, Pink Lemons, Seedless Mexican limes...

So I switched up and planted a Mango and am looking at a spot for Papaya. Got a spot for a couple olives too where the mess won't be an issue. Got the grapes, raspberries, kiwi and passion fruit going now too.

Edible landscape is the best!

Weer'd Beard said...

Oranges are my total favorite!

I once ate an entire 5lb bag in one evening during a teenage growth spurt.

Old NFO said...

Are you sharing??? :-) Those look GOOD!

Dannytheman said...

I just had an orange after my morning coffee and I popped in here and saw this!! Small world!

I love citrus to start my day!!

Larry said...

I sure hope you got a permit to engage in interstate transport of agricultural products.

Tennessee Budd said...

My in-laws have both avocado & lemon trees in their yard. I'm moving to FL as soon as I can afford it.