Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Cool! And it reminds me of this tshirt, which I first saw on Labrat in Blogorado. She wears it much better than I'd ever hope to, but I ordered one anyway.


rremington said...

That is so COOL!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Now why couldn't this be Hollywood's take on Red Riding Hood rather than that God-awful Twilight rip-off?


George said...

Funny how my reaction to the video was to say, "Cool!" I do hope it is a teaser ... and that there will be a REDD movie.


Old NFO said...

Good one :-)

Robert Langham said...

And Little Red Riding Hood said, "You aren't my grandma."
Then she blew his shit away.

Mrs. Borepatch said...

So, doesn't look like Red needs the woodsman for anything more than back-up now. It's always good to go into the woods prepared to hunt whatever may be lurking.