Monday, March 21, 2011


The NYT has a line-up of some, uh...very decorative pistols. For your purse, of course.

Out of all of them, I like the Walther the best. I'm a sucker for pretty wood and engraving.

(HT SayUncle)


T said...

My eyes hurt from all the glitter. The only one I didn't cringe at was the Taurus.

Mike W. said...

Oh those poor, poor Sigs!

Someone send them to CCR.

North said...

Surprised by the Ruger Mk II Competition. Not exactly something you can fit in a clutch.

And yes, I'm OK knowing what a clutch is.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I kinda like the Hello Kitty P226! I'd CCW that.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but no way in heck can I see a SIG P226 disappearing into a lady's purse. Not even Mama Raptor's Black Hole Purse (TM) featuring Time Lord Technology (Pat. Pending) could carry one of those plus all the other things ladies keep in their purses.


Bubblehead Les. said...

EEWWWWW! That's some FUGLY Stuff! Except for the Smith with its 19 century Engraving ( which makes it look like some old .38 S+W Lemon Squeezer), I'd wouldn't wish those on Obama! Besides, how can the local PoPo determine if those are toy guns or real guns? Oh sorry, I forgot their Doctrine : "Bang! Bang! Bang! Drop the Weapon or I'll Shoot!"!

SpeakerTweaker said...

I cannot imagine anyone paying $1,200 for that jeweled NAA Mini-Revolver, much less actually carrying it. And I own one (not jeweled, closer to $200) in .22 Mag.

Outside of the Taurus and the Charter Arms, I don't think any of these are for totin'.


instinct said...

The whole thing does present a quandary.

Yes, these are exactly the cute and fluffy type of guns that the average NYT person would own if they owned guns, but since the average reader is a screaming lefty they would never own one in the first place which makes me wonder why they were made.

Tam said...

Since Smith's been selling factory-engraved revolvers since the middle of the 19th Century, it's good of the NYT to notice.

Hil said...

That Hello Kitty Sig is a trip!

I snapped at photo at the Cobra booth at SHOT this year of a couple dozen brightly-colored handguns they had on display. Including metallic-hot-pink derringers. Who buys this stuff, I do wonder?

North said...

"Who buys this stuff, I do wonder?"

I wrote an article on a Case for Pink.

Dislike of pink isn't a universal feeling.

North said...

Sorry! Clickable link:

John said...

It's almost like they intentionally picked the fugliest "women's" guns they could find. That Sig is hideous -- especially hideous because of the price. And who in the world would even think of spending $2K on an NAA 22?

Generally, I don't like glitzy firearms. Most that I've seen are just completely overboard on the decoration (gilding, or gems, or engraving, or whatever). That said, I rather like the Sig P238 Lady. I'd carry it. Yeah, I'm a guy, but she's a damn sexy little 380.

I agree on that Walther. It's about the only suitable firearm there.

John B said...

Well I'm still jonesing for a SIG.
But I wouldn't have either of those as a gift!

pw=kulown What I'd feel like with one of those guns.