Friday, May 20, 2011

nice shot, man.

This revolver takes a photo each time you pull the trigger.
I'd like to see that scrapbook.


SpeakerTweaker said...

Two shots per trigger pull. Full-auto revolver! EEEEK!



Mike W. said...

what about The Four Rules?!!

BobG said...

Smile for the flash...

Weer'd Beard said...

Be nice if the cops had them.

PPPP said...

Multiple questions:

I note it said "New York, 1938". Was this really developed back then?

Is this a camera shaped like a gun? If so, dumb. "Freeze! Or I'll take your picture."

Or is a camera attached to a real gun?

If so, like one of the comments on the link asks, wouldn't the recoil blur the shot?

Anonymous said...

First, dude needs a nail trim and a cleaning. Second, he has waaaaaay too much finger on that trigger.

John A said...

PPPP - yes, 1938. Actually, probably a bit earlier.

Camera attached to pistol (look at picture again). Probably cable release for camera attached behind trigger.

Fast enough shutter/film speeds to take picture as pistol fired, before relatively sluggish recoil.

Matthew said...

How many pictures of paper targets and defiantly-still-standing-there-sassing-me steel plates do I really need though?


I could see it maybe as a requirement for LEO, but even then... no.

Cameras are not a substitute for the human eye and SD law is based on reasonable perception in a fluid situation, not the actual facts in a frozen moment of time.

20/20 hindsight criticism of valid shoots is bad enough without second guessing via instant replay.

Now for training, for competition or even maybe for shoot/no shoot with a sync'd laser say, it could help illustrate where you hit and when in the scenario, either live action (with all due gun/ammo safety precautions of course) or with replicas, simunitions, etc.

There that sort of thing might have value.