Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sorry I missed you!

 Oh, how I wish I'd known they were there.

Anyway, this is the sort of thing you get when people who don't know much about guns talk about guns on TV. Here's some highlights, although I'd suggest you watch the whole thing.

Megan McCain, 3:25 - "I felt compelled to be a new face, or just another face because I don't think you see a lot of young women talking about Second Amendment rights and gun ownership."

And here I thought Meggy Mac was 'net savvy. Poor thing, maybe I should email her. (However, I suspect I'm not nearly fabulous enough for her, despite my being famous on the interwebz.)

Also? "Semi assault rifle"? Seriously? It's cute how you make up words, Megan. Too bad they make you sound like an ignorant anti-gunner.

Rachel Maddow, on the Tuscon shooting, 4:49 - "But Jared Loughner would have only had 10 shots if the NRA hadn't pushed for the assault weapons ban to expire, including that ban on those clips."

Oh, dear...where do I begin? Has Rachel never heard about dropping a MAGAZINE and reloading?

Interesting how Megan quickly aligns herself on the high capacity magazine issue with Dick Cheney, who should probably shut up about it too. Especially now, after his name was used over and over as some sort of "Look! I really am a real Republican!" mantra in this video. Sheesh.

6:18 - Neither Rachel nor Megan know what the "gun show loophole" even IS.
Rachel Maddow, 9:27 - "Let's start with the small things like if you're on the terrorism watchlist, you can't buy a gun." 

How does Rachel think that watchlist is created? Hell, at this point, I might even be on that list. I never cease to be amazed at the trust some people have in the wisdom and the motives of their government. 

Aaaand, Meggy Mac closes the segment with another "semi assault rifle" quote. Sigh.
But I'll be fair...it really wasn't all bad. Both ladies like to shoot and Ms. McCain makes all the right noises - how most gun laws only punish law abiding gun owners, how guns serve as an equalizing force for women, how training and education is an important part of gun ownership. Still, they both have a long way to go and it would have served them both well to speak to real women with guns. I hear there were quite a few in Pittsburgh that weekend.

*Thanks to John Richardson at No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money for sending me this link. Even though I think my head near exploded the 1st time I watched it.


The Captain said...

" I never cease to be amazed at the trust some people have in the wisdom and the motives of their government."

Ha! I'm making that a sig line.

Mike W. said...

Gah! Everytime I watch Megan McCain speak she comes across as

1. hopelessly naive
2. ignorant

As for government watchlists, I'd be offended if I'm not on one somewhere. If I'm on one it means I'm doing something right.

Breda said...

Mike, I think the correct term is "useful idiot"

Alan said...

Useful idiot indeed.

Earl said...

I am so glad that I could have a conversation about guns, weapons and government policies with other women, yourself included, that make look forward to the conversation. Sigh, those others seem to have a position and an audience. If the NRA were all it is feared to be, there wouldn't be ANY laws about guns and citizens, but lots of opportunity to shoot everywhere.

Bubblehead Les. said...


JB Miller said...

I made it to 3:20 and could go no further.

Murphy's Law said...

I would be happy to sponsor a trip to the range for both Meggy Mac and "Mad Cow" Maddow...but only on the condition that they go with Dick Cheney.

Jenny said...

Other than having a powerful Daddy - has this girl done one thing in her life that should make me care what she thinks about anything?

Sean D Sorrentino said...

"I'm a conservative"

no you're not Megs. Go home to your daddy and stop pretending that a pretty face and a famous name makes you a big thinker.

"Dick Cheney wants to ban HiCap(tm) mags!"

So what? I want a unicorn that poops marshmallows and pees rainbows.

John Richardson said...

LOL! Sorry about almost making your head explode. Mike would skin me alive if something like that were to happen to you.

I still think it would have been interesting if Meggy Mac and Rachel were to have run into you on the floor of the NRA Annual Meeting. You could have practiced your "death stare" to the cheers of the assembled multitudes.

Old NFO said...

Damn... They are BOTH functionally illiterate about guns and the laws... I only made it about 4 min, and was ready to throw the computer, till I realized it was mine...

.45ACP+P said...
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.45ACP+P said...

The Leftie Progressive types can never acknowledge that the Bill of Rights was the compromise position. The addition of any restriction is an erosion of those rights. History has proven that there is the “Slippery Slope”. When has any gun law been “enough”? Meagan, I am not willing to let Law Enforcement make decisions as to what I “NEED”, nor do I consider your lack of imagination as to what I “NEED” sufficient reason to give you control of my liberties. It is and always will be a battle over individual liberty versus control from the collective.

Weer'd Beard said...

"I support the Second Amendment"

...except for that icky "keep and bear arms" part. YUCK!

Don said...

Useful idiot is harsh, but essentially correct. What struck me when I watched it was the moment when Maddow makes a point with a little force behind it, and rather than engage her, rather than say anything thoughtful to defend her supposed convictions, McCain giggles out "Hee hee, you're really arguing well, Rachel! Tee hee!"

That's why the Maddows of the world wish McCain were the "new face" of gun owners. Because she's basically a living strawman. She doesn't understand half the stuff she's claiming to believe deeply and cannot defend her own supposed point of view. That makes her an excellent foil, and that's what Maddow used her for.

alcade said...

Dick Cheney lecturing the rest of us on guns? That's a riot!

Kinda reminds me of this old image from the Al Gore days.

RevGreg said...

I have the dubious honor of being IN that video...they walked by us while we were on the floor.

Firehand said...

Sean, I want a unicorn that poops silver coins; you can keep the rainbows.

For the most part I hear 'Megan McCain' and immediately shut it down; I have no desire to hear more bloviating from that clown.

Roberta X said...

They're idiots when it comes to firearms -- and here I had been convinced the dim, compliant femme and the clever, pushy butch were merely a stereotype from pulp novels.

Trade you six of those two for one Ellen DeGeneres. Sure, she's an anti, too, but she can at least use real, grown-up words in an entertaining way.

atlharp said...

Is it just me, or does Maddow look like David Cross with a hair piece. I didn't watch the video in large part because I have a pounding headache and I didn't feel like throwing my laptop against a wall. I could care less about either of these dim bulbs on the issue of guns or anything else concerning a free society.