Thursday, June 2, 2011

Airborne Angels

One inspiring woman, and thousands of brave Americans overseas, need your help.


DaddyBear said...

That's a great lady right there. Work by her and other groups like Soldier's Angels help to make sure that our guys and gals know we appreciate what they're going through. Getting a care package from someone with no connection to you is a humbling experience.

An Ordinary American said...

Thanks, Breda. It is very much appreciated.

Nancy is a true patriot and an absolute angel to our troops. She and her volunteers are making a huge difference with them.

One letter she showed me from a soldier in Afghanistan this past Memorial Day weekend was pretty touching.

The soldier explained how morale over there was at times becoming tougher to maintain. They are starting to hear stories trickle in about some vets returning home to certain locales in the country and being heckled or disparaged.

He stated that he and his buddies were wondering "if it was worth it."

Then he reads the notes included in the packages, the e-mails they forwarded and opened the packages.

All doubt gets erased, he emphatically stated in his letter.

Thanks again for giving her a plug and helping to bring what she does to an even wider audience.

Best regards,

--An Ordinary American

Old NFO said...

I'm on for that one... stealing this post. And making a donation!