Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Well, after a lot of sweat, hours of labor, many trips to the hardware store, and four different paint colors, the bathroom is finished. My bathroom, that should have been someplace special. After all, it is the room I stagger into all bleary-eyed each morning and perform all of the rituals required to pass as human - so why not make it as pretty as possible, right?

Instead all the walls were yellow. And all the wood was oak. And oh lord, the whole thing was just dreary as hell.

So, I paint. And paint. And paint. (For weeks now. Really.)

I refinished the cabinets and woodwork.

& painted the walls a robin's egg...

Now I'm happy with my blue loo!

*no, not THAT one.

Also, I'd like to mention that while I was sitting in the driveway, touching up the cabinets with a small paintbrush, Mike said, "You'd make a great serial killer. So much attention to detail."

I made a face at him. Everyone knows that sort of thing is just exhausting.

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Mike W. said...

Very nice! The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. It's where The Throne is.

I'm actually somewhat surprised there's not a steampunk clock in your bathroom.

Jay G said...

Wow! That looks great, Breda!

Alan said...

Amazing what a little paint and a lot of skill can do.

An Ordinary American said...

Very good work, very nice coordination of color and style.

You've got a lot of talent stashed away.

I remodeled our master bath four years ago and it was a solid year-long project. I tore out the walls and went literally to the brick exterior of our house.

Why homebuilders insist on putting carpet in bathrooms, I'll never know--especially one that has a large and deep marble jetted bathtub (THERE'S water you're gonna splash and drip and track when you get out), a large stand-alone shower, one throne and two separate sinks--and throw in a large walk-in closet, also carpeted, to help keep all that moldy stuff trapped in and around your clothes.

I swear homebuilders in Texas have the same IQ as staff-rats at the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

Both are idiots, delusional and have the common sense of a pissant.

Our downstairs half-bath took only two days to remodel.

We still have a full bath upstairs to remodel--care for a trip to Texas? We got good BBQ and plenty of guns to shoot. . . (grin)


Ellen said...

Job well.

You've inspired me. I may have to redo my cabinets. That would be a good project for the fall.

Earl said...

I am with Mike, all that talent and so many targets abound. Beautiful Blue Loo!

wv brusid

Six said...

Nice work. Lu and I are in the middle of a bathroom remodel. Hate the work but love the payoff. Now I'm motivated to finish.

phlegmfatale said...

Looks like a very nice place for a yummy bubble bath with a book and a nice glass of beer or champers. Congrats on getting it finished. My house is a construction zone-- are you hiring yourself out, by any chance???

Ed Skinner said...

Great job -- looks wonderful!
I agree on the steam punk clock, not too elaborate but something just a *little* jarring ... to help you wake up in the morning, you know?

Bubblehead Les. said...

Damn it! Don't give my Wife ideas! My HoneyDo Jar is over flowing as it is.

BTW, that Blue looks similar to what the UN puts on its Peacekeepers Helmets. ; )

Laura said...

You've got me itching to repaint our kitchen.

It's all your fault. :P

Guffaw in AZ said...

Wasn't Blue Lou in the Blues Brothers?

Robbie said...

I have a button on my desk that says:
Lately, the only thing that keeps me from becoming a serial killer is my distaste for manual labor.

Old NFO said...

Very nice! Definitely a 'feminine' touch :-)