Tuesday, August 9, 2011

so, tell me...

how do the participants of slutwalks ("rape is caused by evil misogynists and not my miniskirt") feel about women carrying firearms for self defense?


Never mind.


Mad Saint Jack said...

IIRC car keys are on the approved list.

Weer'd Beard said...

Last I checked in Martial arts competitions they didn't let the women fight the men.

I wonder if these women could answer the question of why that is.

(Bonus Points for anybody stupid enough to claim Sexism...Double it if they have a College Degree that makes them an "Expert")

lee n. field said...

"IIRC car keys are on the approved list."

The Illinois State Police recommend tongue depressors.

Mike W. said...

I hear vomiting on yourself is preferrable to a rapist with a few holes in him..... Or so the anti-gun folks tell me.

Rape is about power, so logic would say counter that by empowering potential victims. If these Slutwalk folks know a better way of empowering a 5ft, 100lb woman against a 6ft, 200lb predator I'd sure like to hear it.

Christopher said...

I know the move they are teaching. They are teaching it wrong. It wont work the way they are teaching it...

I know enough about hand to hand fighting to carry a gun.

ravenshrike said...

Hey, a set of keys can be a perfectly good weapon. Of course by set I mean more than five all aligned together, preferably filed to a sharper than normal point.

RedeemedBoyd said...

Those techniques will work perfectly! Anyone attempting to rape them will be rendered helpless by fits of laughter.
To add to what Christopher said, take a look at Chuck Norris, and the people who do understand martial arts and hand to hand combat; They understand better than anyone that no 'move' is a certain victory.

Dannytheman said...

So their idea is to piss off their assailant? Good plan if your looking to add a thorough beating to the sexual assault. I would prefer that a woman just blow him away! KISS.. Keep It Simple Stupid! But men are not allow to talk on this point at these events, we are the enemy!

Lazy Bike Commuter said...

Agreee with the above, I did martial arts for several years (it was my kung fu instructor who initially got me into firearms), and anyone who says size doesn't matter is just Wrong.

I sparred many people who were better than me, but I had more success because I am just way bigger. 6'2, 250lbs puts you in a good position for a fight.

And for god's sake, if you're going to try to teach soeone self defense, don't teach ineffective crap while giggling, go for the groin, go for the eyes, rip the ears off, do something FEROCIOUS, if you try for a fair fight, you're not going to be happy at the end.

The most important thing, gun or not, is mindset--and these people obviously don't have it.

Secret Squirrel said...

While I kind of agree with some of the Slutwalk rhetoric (women are targeted regardless of their way of dress or lifestyle), their insistence on shouting down any discussion of prevention on the part of women is annoying as hell, and it's spreading. My friends were discussing this recently, and when I suggested not drinking to excess, fiddling with cell phones and keys in public to the exclusion of everything else, or walking around in a condition white haze all the time (...but I repeat myself, I guess), they acted like I had three heads.

It's never a victim's fault they were attacked, but why the hell is it bad to talk about things they could have done before the attack? We do it all the time when men are attacked.

Christopher said...
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Christopher said...

Agreeing with lazy Biker.

For awhile I worked out at the same gym that produced Kim Messer. She was pretty formidable. She was also exceptional.

I'm afraid TV shows like 'Dark Angel' and it's ilk have convinced us that a 110lbs girl can take on fit 220lbs guys if only she is spunky enough.

It doesn't really work that way.

I was teaching a women's self defense class and got one of those "what if they do this" questions.

I said, "if he grabs you like that use your pocket knife to start cutting into his arm until he lets go."

She asked "what if I don't have a pocket knife?"

I answered, "Then you've learned something haven't you?"

SpeakerTweaker said...

Better speech:

"Okay, ladies, the line is hot. Concentrate on the front sight. Squeeze, don't pull. Ready? (*the line is hot) One! Two! Three! BANG!!! One! Two! Three! BANG!!! One! Two! Three! BANG!!! Very good, ladies!"


Old Radar Tech said...

Car keys can be very effective - inserted into the ignition. I recommend at least 35 MPH when you run the bastard over...

Lazy Bike Commuter said...

I absolutely recommend REAL self-defense training, but the bigger someone is, the harder they are to make fall.

If someone is twice your size you'd better be more than twice as good.

That said....carry a gun.

Anonymous said...

I applaud at least the attempt. I agree that this is ineffective at best, but it's at least a start. I've seen (and been absolutely disgusted by) so-called experts advising to 'allow it to happen and not get hurt' - and I steam red anger over that. Being married to a victem of a rape, I perhaps have a little more invective, but that attitude should insult everyone.

That being said, my wife (who stands 6'2" and is in good shape and could probably hold her own in a scrap) carries a gun now. Use the best tool for the job.

bill said...

The only effective self defense is to be 100% committed to violent and disabling action.

Having a gun is not self defense unless you are 100% commtitted to using the gun.

Having a knife is not self defense unless you are 100% committed to using the knife.

Teaching resistance is a good thing if it leads to understanding that only a 100% commitment to violence is the only effective self defense method.

Being unwilling to use deadly force when it was justified very early in an encounter is a big mistake when dealing with someone who is willing to use extreme violence and has experience doing it.

It doesn't matter how big you are, if you are not willing to do so, whether you are a 100 pound woman or a 250 pound SEAL. YOU MUST BE COMMITTED to te use of situation ending violence in any such confrontation.

Thus, having a gun puts you in a much better tactical position, but only if you have committed to using it.

Matthew said...

On the flip side, since most rapes fall into the category of "date" or acquaintance rapes, the best defense isn't martial arts or a gun. It's being aware of the human bonding process and thus being aware enough to get the hell out of there before anything can go bad.



Shepherd K said...

To quote a master level black belt I studied under for a while: "I can stop a bullet. I just can't stop the bleeding." A prepared and committed mind is the most effective weapon any of us can hope to have. Anything else is just a tool used to achieve a preferable outcome to the one an assailant wants to inflict upon us.

Robin said...

What bill said.

Cloudbuster said...

I've sparred with a couple young women who thought themselves strong and capable of defending themselves, but had never really been in a fight for their life, or even a fight without rules. Each time, the encounter has ended with me on top of them, pinning them and them making comments like:

"Oh my God, you are super strong!" (No, I'm not. I am an adult male of nothing more than average height, weight and conditioning).

"What just happened?" (from a very aggressive and physically capable young woman with a black belt. She came at me hard, on the theory that "the best defense is a good offense." I was simply able to use her [much lesser] mass and momentum, as well as my greater mass, against her before she was even able to react in one case. The mass difference meant I didn't have to be particularly skillful in my execution.)

"*Gurgle!*" (Same girl as second case above. Not as bad as it sounds, but she attempted a throat punch and larynx squeeze on me, so I squeezed her throat right back and it was conclusively proven that I could do it longer and harder than she could. Disclaimer: obviously neither of us was squeezing as hard as we possibly could and we had trained together for a very long time and implicitly trusted each other to be able to try such a dangerous move, but it still illustrates that you need to be careful if you're trying to play "Who can take the pain/choking the longest?" The answer is usually "the biggest, strongest one.")

In no case did I really "cut loose" against these women as I was not willing nor intending to hurt them and threw no kicks or punches. The second one, though, she's a tiger and was willing to inflict some pain (she throat-punched me!), but she just couldn't overcome the difference in mass and strength.

I'm a pretty capable middle-aged guy in indifferent shape who knows his limitations. That's why I carry a gun, because some tough, young (male) kid is going to kill me in a hand-to-hand fight for my life.

If these athletic, aggressive young women can't handle me, they're toast against a determined rapist.

That's why my daughter carries a knife, has a CCW and carries a gun (and she's been known to carry a war pick masquerading as a walking stick and/or sword when she can get away with it).

The annoying thing is that she's a college student in the health care field and spends a lot of her time in criminal protection zones -- universities and hospitals in this state -- which makes consistent carry a real problem for her. If anything ever happens to her because she was in a criminal protection zone my wrath will be formidable.

The Scribbler said...

I had enough to say on the topic I wrote a full post. http://lifeuniverseandhomework.blogspot.com/2011/08/no.html Thanks for sharing this. Hope you don't mind me linking this.

Josh K. said...

I'm going to link to some articles & books, and I'm going to say this if you are not driving how violence and predators actualy engage in violence then your are not practicing self-defense; You are living in a fantasy world.

In Rory Millers book "Facing Violence" there are 7 things you need to train and be aware of.

1. Legal and ethical.
2. Violence Dynamics.
3. Avoidance.
4. Counter-Ambush.
5. The Freeze.
6. The Fight.
7. After.

Rory's first book, "Meditations on Violence," is a must read also.

In Mr. Miller's own words:



I will say this just caring a gun doesn't automatically make you safer. It might give you a false sense of security, but with out proper training/ability, the will and the opportunity to bring the gun to bare in defense of your life and property, it's just a realt cool paperweight strapped to your hip.


Old NFO said...

Meh- Good idea, execution is weak... Weer'd and others have already said it, but I will just add- Carry the damn gun and be prepared MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY to use it.