Friday, September 9, 2011

a disturbance in the Force

Can you feel it?

If you read anything today, let it be this.

I have goosebumps all over. Seriously, it's that momentous. (NYT, people, NYT!!)


Alan said...

Wait, I thought she was dumb.

Did the NYT lose their Palin style book?

Maybe Sarah is gearing up for a third party play. She's going out of her way to alienate the GOP establishment who now hate her more than the liberals do.

Mike W. said...

It's telling me I need to login in order to read it....

Maybe some NYT writer got hit with a cluebat before writing?

Breda said...

Try using a real browser, Mike.

Matt H said...

I can't get the link to work either. It's asking me to log in.

Is it the one currently listed as most popular on the homepage, Some of Sarah Palin's Ideas Cross the Political Divide?

Breda said...

Yes, that's the one.

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

Breda's link is working for me, but you can try this link instead. I don't know if that will help or not.

Mike W. said...

Thanks Jake, that link worked.

Well doesn't that fit just perfectly with the discussion the roomie & I had last night. I touched on "crony capitalism" quite a bit.

Y'know, if the media would put down their talking points and quit being such partisan, mysogynistic assholes they might realize that Palin isn't the dumb broad they keep telling America she is.

Greyhawk said...

A disturbance in the force indeed!

Brooks said...

Sorry Breda, but I ran into the login wall using your link with the latest versions of Opera, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Jake's link worked fine though.

Montie said...


Who'da thunk it, from the NYT no less. It's just those kind of thoughts that make me harbor some hope for a Palin run, but her message would be lost in the brutal slaughter tha would be visited upon her campaign tby the left, the right and most if not all of the media in this country.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Tuesday I went to our Board of Elections, to ensure that I was still Registered (remember our last Secretary of State and her 250,000 Acorn Voters?) and get an Absentee Ballot. The Ohio Primary is still scheduled to be held in May, 2012, but they plan on moving it up towards the beginning of the Month. IF Sarah is on the Ballot, I might Vote for her. But she needs to toss her hat in the ring. If she goes 3rd Party, like Perot, all that does is give the Anointed One 4 More Years.

She's correct, however, about her analysis of the current Political Structure.

But so was Cicero about Rome before Caesar got rid of him.

We are not Voting our way out of this mess. I'll still check the box next year, but I'm also restocking all the Ammo I shot up this past weekend, also.

Wonder who's going to replace that writer at the NYT?

Anonymous said...

The left will eviscerate *any* opposition to President Zero. And the right will be on board if she enters and wins the primary. And after her Iowa speech, I suspect she'll have the independent and Tea Party vote locked up.

I'm typically a pessimist when it comes to this, but, as I entirely expected when Zero won, he DID overreach. Many more are fed up and want this Marxist gone.

Overload in Colorado said...

She identifies problems, but does she offer solutions? ARE there solutions?

Mikael said...

First thing I like I ever read coming from Palin. I do second Overload in Colorado's thoughts as well though.

And thanks to Jake for the working link, I also ran into the wall-of-login on Breda's link.

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

"She identifies problems, but does she offer solutions?"

She's a prominent person, well-regarded in some circles, openly and bluntly stating these problems to the world. By that alone, she's come closer to offering solutions than anyone else in politics.

If she doesn't have any solutions, she has at least performed the first step towards developing a solution - identifying the problem.

"And thanks to Jake for the working link, I also ran into the wall-of-login on Breda's link."

No problem. Oddly enough, my computer at work doesn't hit the paywall through Breda's link, but my computer at home does. I got my link from Confederate Yankee's post on the subject.

Glenn B said...

I am surprised that any of you would be surprised that the New York Times printed this article. Articles like this will pretty much assure Palin will never be voted into office under the current political divide. What this article will achieve, if it gets enough exposure, will be that it will help assure that Palin becomes more alienated from her base which will not accept her as being appealing to liberals. She cannot win without her base.

On the flip side, it does not matter if it makes her more appealing to liberals because Pres. Obama will not likely win reelection short of a miracle, so it does not matter if he loses votes. Thus, it has probably been put out there not only to attempt to destroy her chances of winning but to further divide the right and to try to get the right to run a middle of the road candidate.

Of course, if it actually was an article written objectively in good faith, then all I can say is why would you want to vote her into office if she is a middle of the road candidate? Middle of the roaders are why this country slipped and slid to the point where truly ultra leftist views became tolerable, then acceptable then wound up with us having our current President. I, for one, would much prefer going in another direction altogether. Not left of right nor middle of the road but right leaning libertarian which would pretty much throw the political system in this country for a loop. The thing is, the libertarians usually only offer kooks for candidates. Left with eh choices available then, I would think it best to go pretty hard right. This article, I think, is trying to show Palin as anything but.

Ell, that’s my .03 cents based on what I know of the NY Times, how it operates, what are its motives, and its track record.

All the best,
Glenn B

PPPP said...

After he got done insulting her and got to the content of the speech, it got pretty amazing.

She's always struck me as being the best candidate, running or not, simply because she doesn't toe any party line and because she does say the truth, regardless of whose toes get stepped on.

Mikael said...

What ever happened to Gary Johnson? He was the only candidate I found that actually looked good, full stop.