Tuesday, September 6, 2011

No mistake on the lake

First, let me say one thing - the Northcoast II blogshoot was a success only because of Heath & Amanda's hard work and hospitality. I cannot thank them enough.

Second, thanks to everyone who came to the event and helped out. You are an amazing group of people and I'm honored to know each one of you.

Third, I am sore, exhausted (and at work) so blogging will have to wait.

A fraction of aftermath, day 1.

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PPPP said...

Looks like about 5 minutes worth of shooting there. Definitely just a fraction. Nice assortment.

Glad to hear it was a success.

It's events like this that make me sometimes wish I lived closer to the center of the country, so traveling anywhere didn't take an entire day going through airports to get there and another to get back.

But then there's the weather (and earthquake potential) everywhere else, and I decide that the wet coast isn't really so bad a place to live.

Still, happy to hear it was a success. And I am jealous.

Newbius said...

Thank you for organizing. Stellar job as usual.

karrde said...

Thanks for doing the hard work of organizing the list

karrde said...

...and making sure we all knew the rules before we came.

(Look what happens when I hit 'submit' before I'm done commenting!)

Old NFO said...

Outstanding job Breda, and definitely thanks to Heath and Amanda, and Newbius for cooking :-)