Monday, October 3, 2011

Still waiting

I spent a bit of time this morning checking the news and, nope...still no blood in the streets.

(and yes, I chose that news story for a reason. Check out the gunny's last name!)

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Alan said...

Just think... "Breda Breda"

Bubblehead Les. said...

Wondering if you saw that story. Makes you wonder if doesn't understand the Law, and is worried about Guns in his Bar, and he doesn't know he could have posted a "No Guns Allowed" sign YEARS ago, that he is smart enough to own a Liquor License in the first place.

As for the Blood in the Street, only thing I saw as of this morning is the Usual One-a-Day-Murder on Cleveland's East Side.

But wait until this Monsoon dies off, and we get an Indian Summer this weekend, and I'm sure we'll have Thousands of Gallons of Blood pouring down the gutters.

Or not.

Well, at least you didn't need to use a Handgun when the BP Gas Station was robbed a few days ago. It's about, what, 2-3 Blocks from the Library? No need to be Armed in the Book Stacks, right?

Mike W. said...

You just wait Breda! I'm sure there will be just as much bloodshed as there's been in little old Delaware, where until recently you could carry AND drink.

Eagle said...

You just outed yourself, Breda. So, how often do you Google yourself? ;-)

Breda said...

Hah. Not often. This was a happy accident, I googled "Ohio gun"

RedeemedBoyd said...

To quote from the story:
John's wife Leonora said, "I think it's absolutely ridiculous. Anyone who goes into a bar or restaurant goes in there with the intention of drinking."

Really? I go into a bar nearly every day at lunch and don't drink a drop of alcohol. Last night I went to a bar with my fiance, carrying, didn't drink one drop. She drank, I refrained. Just because this woman likes to get sloshed doesn't mean everyone does.

And the bar owner just needs a brief education. He seems like the type who just doesn't know much about the issue, and only listens to the media talk about it.

Living in Western PA, I'm glad to see my neighbors making this progress! We need to start reciprocating soon.

JDS said...

RedeemedBoyd, that quote from Leonora jumped out at me as well.

Projecting, much?

I suppose it stands to reason that an individual who cannot conceive of going into a bar and NOT drinking, also cannot fathom how a person can walk around strapped and NOT shoot the place up.

RedeemedBoyd said...

JDS, that's a good line of reasoning. I guess some people have no concept of what will power, or self control, or discipline, or any other demonstration of self restraint happens to look like.

Mike W. said...

"I think it's absolutely ridiculous. Anyone who goes into a bar or restaurant goes in there with the intention of drinking."

It's also a gross mischaracterization of the issue at hand. These are NOT "Guns in bars" laws, they are guns anywhere that serve/sell alcohol laws.

Think about the places you go to eat, or even the mom & pop pizza place where you stop in for take-out. How many of your regular stops serve or sell alcohol? I'll bet at least half of them.

The anti's and the media have done well framing this debate as a "ZOMG GUNS IN BARS!!" discussion when it's really anything but.

Don M said...

I had read it earlier, and wondered if it was hubby, or some long lost cousin.

"anyone who goes into a restaurant goes there to drink"? Sounds like someone has another problem besides projection.

Jerry said...

I smell conspiracy.