Monday, October 29, 2007

lieberrian, yo.

I'd like to dedicate this song to Jesse, the dreadlocked homeless man who makes daily visits to our library.

Jesse, I'm sure your life story is tragic in so many ways...but perhaps if you spent as much time and effort looking for work as you do trying to view porn on the library's computers, you might be able to ditch that old garbage bag you carry around and upgrade to a duffel bag. And I promise, as difficult as it will be for me, the next time I catch you with your hand down your pants with children scampering nearby, I will be merciful and merely call the police instead of bludgeoning you to death with my 3-hole punch.


Margie K said...

O I couldn't leave this one alone. I'm right there with you. Well put, succinctly accurate without being overly cruel...undeniably right on target.

breda said...

margie - I was a little nervous about putting the video up, because of the language and the very un-PCness of it all, but I thought it'd be more interesting than just my silly rant.

Less said...

Oh my god... I lost a pint of coffee through the nose with that vid!! Damn you!!


I used to tutor kids in a tough neighborhood of Chicago - Howard Street - during my late high school days and through some of my NWU days...

It was really difficult to get a kid interested in math when his momma was on crack hook'n from the house for the next hit, his brother was shot, and nobody gave a ratzass about his grades anyway.

Some seriously misguided priorities... Sad really, but the revolution truly begins at home, in your own mind; the will to do better and make life good for you and yours.

Margie K said...

Ok, I'm a little late, but I just HAD to tell you that I made my post BEFORE I ever noticed the video.
Having said that, my original post stands. THE KIDS LOVE IT.

Should I have told you that last thing?