Monday, October 15, 2007

ONLY 9%???

When I first read this news story I was aghast. Only 9% would choose hot sweaty bow-chicka-wow-wow if they knew the world would end in one hour?

But then I realized they had surveyed Brits, who do their own dental work. Hmm..explanation enough for me.

Bad teeth, socialized medicine, no guns, crap weather, and now no nookie?

(you don't) rule, Britannia!


Weer'd Beard said...

with all the reasonable laws being passed in France, I'd have to say that the UK is becomming the New France.

Poor bastards!

BobG said...

A cold beer, a hot shag, and a smoke afterwards. That's how to spend the last hour.

Anonymous said...

bob, what's this last BS?
Any hour...

Anonymous said...

Please define "cold". Sorry, I like my beer like my women, lukewarm and bitter.

(Ok, 50 degrees, and more malty than hoppy... but that's just not as funny.)