Wednesday, January 9, 2008

a limerick!

(very cute!)

A feminist, name of Mad Kane
Thinks the word "chick" is a bane,
Hates guns that are pink,
And I really do think
My blog would just drive her insane.

I found this lady's blog while perusing my sitemeter - someone had done a google search for "cute pink guns" and her blog came up in the results along with mine. Ms. Kane makes political and social commentary in the form of limericks and haikus. Very clever!


As shown in the links above, Ms. Kane believes that if you teach a girl to shoot, you will be turning her into a killer. Do girls who learn to cook also become killers? Some kitchen knives are really big. And sharp. If quartering a head of cabbage with your largest santoku does not turn you into a dangerous ax-wielding maniac hellbent on decapitating innocent strangers, how does putting holes in a piece of paper 10 yards away with a tool that just happens to go bang turn you into a deranged homicidal gun-toting psychopath?

In fact, I've done far more damage to myself in the kitchen than I ever have on the range. I have filleted my own index finger with a chef's knife (don't ask) but I have never once shot myself. And nor will I.

If you are a normal person, guns will make you a more fully conscious human being. Shooting a gun is like yoga - you have to be very aware of your body: posture, breathing, the tiniest movements (down to how you move your fingertip) all affect whether or not you'll be able to hit the target consistently. Owning a gun requires you to be fully mindful of your environment and the 4 Rules in order to handle, carry and store your firearm safely. As a very nice and very wise man once said to me, it's "Zen and the art of the pistoleer."


Anonymous said...

Shooting is a martial art just like any other martial art.

It requires training, skill, patience, practice and, above all: discipline.

The same lessons that parents want their kids to learn in Tae Kwon Do are readily learned in the shooting sports and for the same reasons.

Good limerick by the way.

Carteach said...

Ayup, to post and sailor's comment.

I worry about people who dislike firearms in loud ways.

Why exactly, do they do so? There is seldom an answer that points to a sane and stable mind. Usually a viewpoint adopted without thought, occasionally taken on through flawed reasoning, almost always retained by denial of truth.

My thought... people who dislike owning firearms should not own them. Those who wish to own them, and do not act to harm others unllawfully with them, let them own them. Let it end there.

I agree, it's a martial art like any other.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Giving a 'girl' a gun doesn't make her a killer or a threat to herself and others.

Just like Ms. Kane being in possession of all the right equipment to be a top-shelf prostitute doesn't make her a top-shelf prostitute. I'm sure Ms. Kane would agree.

Phelps said...

As the saying goes, if having a gun makes you a killer, then having a vagina makes you a prostitute.

Anonymous said...

You removed a bone from your finger?

Someone should make some plaid guns as well, in order to match kilts.

Dustin said...

Very true. I'm reminded of my brother in law who said "why did you get an AR-15? The only purpose of an AR-15 is for killing people" That would be like saying "why did you buy that car? Its only purpose is for killing people" since cars kill many more people every year than guns. No, guns are for sports, target shooting, self defense, and many other purposes that I am not even listing.

Kevin said...

Ah yes, Bang-fu, the martial art of the speeding lead projectile!

Mark said...

Living in the UK gives me a very clear view of the "anti" mindset. And yes, it's pretty much universally about the kind of self-delusion that leads to a bad case of dead.

It's about demonising items, rather than actions. It's about pretending there's no such thing as free will. It's about insisting that it's OK for the government to do what's wrong for individuals to do. And it's about publicly admitting to being untrustworthy and incompetent, and therefore insisting that everyone else must be, too.

Sick, ain't it?

Anonymous said...

Mark, there is nothing new under the sun! Col. Cooper came up with the the term Hoplophobia decades ago to describe the mental affliction you are talking about.

A front to back reading of "Jeff Coopers Commentaries" is a very enlightening, if time consuming, read.......... as others have said, Col. Cooper wielded the English language with as much skill and better effects than he did his pistols or rifles....

As for teaching daughters to shoot making them killers, that is HOOEY. I have 4 daughters and will teach ALL of them to shoot, though I am quite sure 2 of them couldn't kill a mouse if their life depended upon it. It's just not in them. I am not making the others killers. I am giving them the skills and (attempting to give)the mindset to ALL of them to make the choice to shoot someone if they MUST. Because some people NEED to be shot, sometimes, and the .gov is not, and cannot be, everywhere, all the time. This is another set of facts the hoplphobes cannot face. Their answer to the fact that THEY can't stomach the necessary, is to prohibit EVERYONE from doing it. Their answer to the fact that the police cannot be everywhere all the time is to create a Police State.

No Thanks. I'll take care of me and mine. And try to teach them to do the same.

And "Bang-fu"......... t'hee!

Anonymous said...

It's too late for your blog to drive me insane: That job's already been done by the Bush administration. :)

I enjoyed your limerick at my expense. If I make a habit of spoofing people in limericks, I can hardly complain when it's done to me.

Take care! And thanks for the laughs.

Strings said...

The crrect term for the art of gunfighting is "Ching-ching-pow"... ;)

And it's my understanding that, amongst some of the criminal element we've gotten from the Orient, "gun-fu" is actually practiced (block punch, sweep leg, double-tap to the chest). There are even handguns MADE for CQB...

Don M said...

We used to call the self defense arts using a .45 caliber M-1911

Chinga-Kapow or Ginga-Kapow.