Saturday, March 8, 2008


Holy crap, do we ever have snow.

I just checked the snow totals and it says that (as of 11AM today) Willoughby had gotten 10 inches of snow. It's now 3 PM and snow has been coming down at a rate of 1 - 3 inches per hour. It's not expected to stop until tomorrow morning. There are also crazy winds blowing snow around (sideways) and creating deep snowdrifts. Lake County is currently a Level 2 snow emergency, meaning people shouldn't really go out unless it's absolutely necessary. We watched our neighbor across the street get stuck pulling out of his own driveway. He and his son dug the truck out, decided whatever errand they wanted to run wasn't worth it, and went back inside. I don't think they've plowed our street since last night so it's a good thing we stocked up on beer and toilet paper.

Every time Mike walks into the living room and looks out the window he exclaims, "Oh, hey, look! It's snowing!" He also reminded me that it could be worse, "We could be in Hawaii and all that white stuff could be lava, you know." Funny guy.

I'll post a few photos later, but at the moment we're having trouble opening the back door.

UPDATE: I managed to push open the back door about 8 inches and squeeze out, only to find that I couldn't actually see the back steps anymore. The whole outside world now looks like a collection of white amorphous lumps of various sizes. We took five photos before I gave up and went back inside. It's crazy out there!

Snow up to my knees.

Dude, where's my car?


me said...

Hope you have better luck getting out. The west side's probably got about that today and none of the doors really want to open. You want the kicker, the shovel is outside behind the door. D'OH!

It's nice to see snow in the age of gorebal lets get to summer.

Earl said...

Reading makes me more aware of the dangers of Global Cooling, no matter why the Nobel prize was given. The idea that humanity would fit in the tropical soon to be temperate zones of Earth without major attitude adjustment is a bit unreal. So as long as you believe it will melt with Spring you are safe, when you don't better harness those cats to the sleigh.

daleosborn said...

I live in Kirtland, and so far today I've plowed my driveway twice and helped get two cars unstuck - one in a neighbor's driveway and one on the street, simply because the street hasn't been plowed all day. Remind me again, what do I pay city taxes for??

Cash said...

I like snow, but I almost got stuck in the parking lot at Giant Eagle (in MOL). I'm sure that by tomorrow afternoon, I'll be wondering why I didn't wait to go. Not that the store wasn't busy...

phlegmfatale said...

WOW! You weren't exaggerating.
Still, that snow is lovely!

Anonymous said...

Here in Israel, it's 85 degrees and sunny.

This was one beautiful weekend.

Except for the almost mega terror attack in Jerusalem. It's a good thing our civilians are armed and ready.