Monday, May 12, 2008

not exactly a walk in the park

Locally known as "The Emerald Necklace", the Metroparks is a wonderful system of parks that ring the greater Cleveland area and other areas of northern Ohio. Free and open to the public, they offer outdoor education, recreation, events and programs. I often visit to hike on a trail, sit on a bench next to a pond at sunset, have a picnic, or ride my bike.

In the past 6 days, two women have been attacked while taking a walk in two separate parks.

On May 6th a 43-year old woman was bludgeoned, raped, shot in the back and then stuffed in the trunk of her attacker's car. She will probably be paralyzed from the waist down.

On May 10th 52-year-old Chevonne Ecclestone was beaten in the head with a 15-pound rock. Doctors have removed part of her skull and have placed her in a medically induced coma to relieve pressure on her brain.

City officials declared one of the incidents "isolated" and the parks "generally safe."

Generally. Unless violence happens to you - then the park quickly becomes very specifically unsafe.


Assrot said...

You have a CCW Permit and a gun don't you? Please don't be caught dead without it.

I just discovered your blog and started reading it recently. I really like it so far. I don't want to lose you this early in the game.

Please be sure to carry protection with you at all times and take a friend along on those strolls and rides through the park heh?


Anonymous said...

And I still find myself having to explain why I want a CPL. (shakes head)

Mike W. said...

tyskkvinna - The people who want you to explain yourself are the type who'll never get it anyway.

me said...

I live in Parma, the other side of the city from where this happened.

Today in their wisdom there were at least 5 Parma cops handing out coupons for $3 off a meal at a chicken place as a "thanks for buckling up" campaign. off duty or on the message seems pretty clear, we're stuck doing the bidding of the trash above us. If that means playing teacher handing out gold stars instead of stopping society's failed experiments from running rampant so be it.

I've been in a news blackout the last few days but caught the story about Parma on the radio. I hadn't heard about the other until now. Yes, the odds of it being "you" are slim, but it seems like everyday it's becoming a better bet, inching closer to your backyard. It's beyond sickening that government will let the rabid animals loose over and over and over again.

I'm going to take my sister out to the range next time I go, just in case.

The Duck said...

OFCC has a case before the Ohio SC. right now as many city parks are posted no guns.
Conceal it well & carry it anyway.

The Captain said...

One rule I like is this - if you would not go to a certain place without a gun, don't go there at all.

Sounds like these parks are not normally dangerous places, but something to bear in mind.

Earl said...

I don't like giving up my tax paid territory to the thugs and predators. Since they had some murders in our parks they have closed them to the public after twilight is gone and darkness descended - and they (the folks in charge protecting us) won't see it as an end to civilization. But it most certainly means more tromping in the virtual worlds...

Anonymous said...

Boy, that's a tough choice. Get caught carrying in a bare-fisted defense zone and become a "prohibited person", and therefore lose your privilege to defend yourself everywhere and forever. Or, try to figure out the multitude of exceptions to your basic civil rights, and hope you can avoid those areas. (Since a 500-pound safe is not portable, a Star-Trek-type transporter would be handy if you find yourself armed and suddenly at the boundary of a BFDZ while on foot.)

I used to think it was possible to avoid these BFDZs until I thought about how much area was actually within prohibited zones in my town. I also used to think that it was possible to escape from the disarmers by moving to another state.

Anonymous said...

Howdy Breda, part of your post reminded me of a story. Can't remember where I read it, years ago, but something to think about if you're in a situation where you can't carry, like at work.

A common theme in abductions is the lady getting tossed in the trunk of her own car. This woman did not have a CCW permit but had a gun stored in the trunk of her car. She was attacked and the scum-bag threw her in the trunk and stole the whole vehicle, telling her that once they made it to a secluded area, she would be raped.

Scum-bag drove out into the woods, stopped, opened the trunk and the last thing he saw was a woman curled up into the fetal position holding a gun.

I'm a big fan of plan B's and all the other letters of the alaphabet for that matter. Carrying a gun is a plan B to dialing 911. Having a second hidden gun is a plan B to carrying one on your person. There's plenty of room under the spare tire to place a small stainless steel piece(no rust) and a box of ammo. Nuthin' fancy, just something reliable that you can stash in your trunk and leave it there.

Fits said...

May I ask what type of self-defense ammunition you are using.

Anonymous said...

Here in Israel, they don't restrict where we carry. They just check your permit to make sure it's current.

Armed civilians are an asset to public safety!

DoubleTapper, blogging on Guns Politics Defense from Israel

phlegmfatale said...

It's sort of like when the health department visits a restaurant and has a specified number of bug segments considered "acceptable" in the dry foodstuffs. *yuck*

Anonymous said...

....just came across your blog accidentally.Chevonne has been a friend of my wife and I for over 25 years,and is my wife's Best Friend.She was the Maid of Honor at our wedding.I had chided Chevonne for years about a CCW,but she declined.It appears now she may not pull out of this-the damage done by the 'explative deleted' is too severe.The outcome may have been different if she did have one.She apparently did put up a fight.
I have a decent firearms collection and a nice assortment of pistols.My wife has tolerated my hobby.After this she has finally seen the light and is looking into a CCW-why does everyone believe me after its too late??????? :(