Saturday, July 19, 2008

Synchronized birdwatching.

Ronan and Eloise.
(click to enlarge)


phlegmfatale said...

That should be an olympic event: synchronized power-napping, yeah?!!! fab pic.

Oh, I got my new puppy! YAYS! *happy dance here*

Anonymous said...

I would like to medal in olympic kitten watching. And, I've got the team to watch right here !


Borepatch said...

Alas, our two cats are dead these last 3 years, and we can't get more because #2 son turns out to be allergic.

Which is terribly sad, as we now have a porch almost as nice as Breda's with bird feeders all around.

You should run a caption contest: "Birds? I can give it up any time I want." ;-)

Heath J said...

Why build a Cat Tree inside for your critters, when you can turn em' loose outside to play with the songbirds?? :evil: