Monday, August 11, 2008

the official Fallacy endorsement

This is one reason why, despite his failings as true conservative, I'm voting for John McCain.

Staying home on election day, or voting third party, is like handing the presidency to someone who's idea of statesmanship seems to be "Can't we all just get along?" and "Everyone play nice!"


Anonymous said...

Despite the whole: "You'll hand the election to the Democrats if you vote third party!" line, I plan on voting for someone I actually want to be president. Sorry McCain, but if you're the best the conservative movement has to offer, I'm taking my vote somewhere else.

I respect and understand your decision though, Breda.

Earl said...

BHO doesn't sound very Presidential, McCain sounds very polished. And now that Russia has the troops on the ground, Air superiority and the next American President's attention they should be reasonable and sit down and talk about border adjustments and ethnic cleansing...

Mike W. said...

And what was the key difference in those two responses? McCain's actually had substance.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the Irish Ticket (Barry O'Bama, Johnny McCain) is right out. I'll only be voting Duopoly if there's nobody else running for an office, and then I'll be voting against the incumbent. I have HAD IT, and refuse to vote for evil in the hope of incremental improvement.

Frank W. James said...

Breda: You have to be able to sleep with your decisions after you make them. Therefore I WON'T be voting for either of those two nitwits in any election.

Obama because he is a closet Marxist.

And I won't vote for McCain because he doesn't have a clue about economics, agriculture or world trade.

You are entitled to your opinion as I am to mine, but I believe we are witnessing a major melt-down of THE SYSTEM.

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Anonymous said...

Tough call. On the one hand, voting for The Annointed One is right out: yes, I AM willing to turn my back on that magic moment when the planet started the heal, the seas started to recede, the lion lay down with the lamb, blah-blah-blah. I can't vote for somebody who, despite his messianic powers, just doesn't seem to like my country very much.

On the other hand, I find it hard to vote for a bitter, crazy old man who's spent the last several years spitting on my party and conservative principles. The MSM calls him a "maverick" when he pals around with Dingy Harry and The Swimmer: I call him a dirty turncoat son of a b****.

SarahK over at IMAO had it right. In response to a RNC plea for support and money and the threat, "The democrats want to put a liberal in the White House", she replied, "Well, what do you know??? The GOP does, too."

Bob said...

Breda has it right, people. Lesser of two evils, and we don't want Obama making Supreme Court appointments for the next 8 years. If he does, any more Heller-like decisions on guns won't get made.

Anonymous said...

While we will be voting for different people in this election, I completely agree with you about not voting/voting for a third party.

I really wish this country had a third party strong enough to actually compete against the two major ones. But I don't see that happening any time soon.

But more than that, I really believe everybody should be involved and vote. Even if it is for a third party that has "no chance" of winning. The system is only as good as the people running it; if we want it to change in any way, we must be a part of it. Or be quiet and don't complain if you don't like the outcome.

doubletrouble said...

What Bob just said.

I really can't get enthusiastic about McCain, but a liberal with an “R” after his name will (hopefully) make better choices for the Supremes.

We have to realistic here folks. One of the two WILL be the next president. Will you allow a “President Obama”?


Anonymous said...

Deciding between Obama and McCain is like trying to decide if you want to die in a violent and bloody slashing attack or simply have your throat slit quietly in the night.

I'm done picking the lesser of two evils. If my third-party or write-in vote is "wasting my vote" .... so be it. This country will get what it deserves. No matter what though, I will not be a part of the downhill slide.


breda said...

"This country will get what it deserves"

Spoken like a true patriot.


Mike W. said...

The problem with the "This country will get what it deserves" mentality is this.

So many of us keep saying "well if we vote 3rd party we'll teach the Republican Party a lesson and they'll go back to their roots," yet that strategy seems doomed to fail.

Likewise, the "Elect Obama, he'll wreck the country and we'll elect another Reagan" is a fairytale. I don't see the Republican's "going back to their roots" if Obama wins, nor is there any evidence of another Reagan waiting in the wings.

I've seen nothing in the current Republican party that shows me they're ready and able to once again be the party of small government & fiscal conservatism. You can't buy votes that way and they know it.

Anonymous said...

"This country will get what it deserves." ... is not spoken with malice towards this country. I say it with sadness in my heart.

This is much too contained a venue for me to delve deeply into the subject. I will offer this for context. Take a look around you. Take note of what people are most concerned about. Take note of what matters the most to people. Take note of what passes for entertainment. Take note of what people do in their spare time. Somewhere in there you will find the context for my comment.

It has been said that people would vote for the Devil himself if he would keep the trains running and put bread on their table. It seems you can add "ability to dazzle" to the list.

By the way, I am not voting third-party to teach anyone a lesson. I'm not going to be a teacher to an unwilling pupil. I'm voting third party to keep my conscience clean for the future.

hmmm ... what is a patriot anyway?


Anonymous said...

wild duece said it best. It is a question of conscience and staying true to one's convictions.

To choose McCain over Obama you have to truly believe that McCain really IS better than the alternative.

I Don't!

I believe he is just a different shade and texture of BAD NEWS. His supreme court appointments will be NO better than Obama's and there is NO evidence in his past behavior to indicate otherwise.

As for the comment that if I don't vote I forfeit my right to complain. That's a bunch of horse pucky. As long as I pay taxes I will have earned the right to criticize this or any other government.

That's the Right of Every American.

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Assrot said...

I'm pretty much in agreement with Frank. I'll show up and I'll vote on everything on the ballot except for the POTUS.

I don't see where Obama or McCain are going to do anything good and I don't see where there is a lesser evil. The best we can hope for is a Conservative Congress and better options for POTUS 4 years from now.


P.S. - To simply not show up and not vote at all is a crying shame in my opinion. I went to war and fought for every US citizens right to vote and many of my friends and fellow country men died for the same reasons. To not vote at all seems like disrespect to the people that gave their lives for your freedom to vote among all your other freedoms.