Friday, August 1, 2008

training my legion

Now if we were only allowed to carry at work to protect ourselves.

(stolen from Stingray, who stole it from Unshelved)


NotClauswitz said...

You have GOT to get the jacket! :-)

Anonymous said...

When these librarians say "Shoosh," you SHOOSH!


Jay G said...

In Breda's library, everyone respects the Dewey Decimal system...

Anonymous said...

This is who comes lookin' for ya when your books are over due.

Here! Here! I was just on my way to return "Everybody Poops"!

Hecate said...

Library Raid Jackets

I saw a guy on another range once at gun school wearing a raid jacket with "WTF" on the back. Wish I could have found out where it came from.

Willorith said...

Back in my CPAing days I wanted to get CPA raid jackets to sell at the most boring human convergences of all, accountants conventions. I fled the profession with enough of my soul intact to nurture back to normal abnormality.vmaewznh

Rio Arriba said...

"Nobody expects a heeled librarian!" (with apologies to Monte Python).

Love your blog. I'm having great fun in it. Thanks! I plan to come back regularly.

I got my NRA pistol/self-defense instructor certification in order to teach women (and others, but mostly women who were intimidated by the mostly male classes) how to shoot and how to defend themselves with a legal handgun.

IMO you should be able to carry at work, But nobody asked me. Nevertheless, I intend to keep telling them.

Keep up the good work!

The Remittance Man said...

Librarians in raid jackets!

I promise. I'll never return a book late, ever again.

Just, please don't kick down my door at four in the morning.