Tuesday, September 9, 2008

excuse me?

What did you say?
Oh, it's on now, Barack. It's on.


Anonymous said...

As I say, if you want to know what a Democrat is doing -- and feels he's likely to be called on -- look at what he's accusing Republicans of doing.

Sunday, on Snufalupagus's show, Sen. Hopey Changey said, "These guys love to throw rocks and hide their hands."

Allah writes:

He doesn't overemphasize the line, as you might think he would if he really wanted to hammer the point, but then if he hammered the point he wouldn't have plausible deniability.

But y'see, the deniability is necessary.


Mike W. said...

I thought he promised to run a campaign without all the partisan BS and personal attacks?

Looks like yet another flip flop.

This crap wouldn't bother me so much if Obama didn't bill himself as a messianic, holier than thou, new kind of politician.

Anonymous said...

Damn, Obama...now you have Breda after you...:)

I doubt he meant it the way he said it, but do we really want someone like that chatting with Putin?

Anonymous said...

So much for change Sounds more like same old same old.
I am thinking it reflects on B.O.'s history of bad jugement and lack of expierience. He seems to be stepin in it alot lately.

Kevin said...

I don't understand the fuss
It is just the average Democrat down-home sayings that were made famous by Dan Rather, You know he is just calling a spade a spade!

Anonymous said...

Don't kid yourselves, he knew exactly what he was saying and how his supporters would interpret it. As an insult to SP. The crazy thing about Obama is how much time he is spending attacking his opponents VP instead of his opponent. I don't remember ever seeing this type of behavior. Actually he spends the greatest amount of time attacking President Bush and he's not running or even eligible to do so.

Anonymous said...

Here's a McCain response.

Anonymous said...

This one explains the Obamabots:


Robert Langham said...

He doesn't have any positions, so we are going to get more of this kind of stuff. Let him keep talking. Last week it was guns and the 2nd. This week he called Sarah a pig. Next week he'll probably piss on Martin Luther Kings grave. Tomorrow he continues to destroy himself on O'Reilly. Let him campaign.

Anonymous said...

"Damn, Obama...now you have Breda after you...:)"

Yeah, Obama, she gonna break her foot up your arse!! And leave it there. Literally. heh.

Any pig, (real or imagined) with or without lipstick, would still be smarter than Obama. (no offense to pigs everywhere).

Anonymous said...

"He didn't mean anything by it."

(Fred Thompson voice)"No, Son, the Democrats don't take a dump without a focus group report."

That jab was brainstormed, discussed, focus grouped, and practiced before being put into that speech.

"He doesn't have any positions,"

Actually, he does. His position is basicly this:

"I can get elected by poor stupid people if I promise to take stuff away from "The Rich" and give it to the poor stupid people, and it will work because there are more poor stpid people than rich people, and this is a Democracy: they all have one vote each."

What all these poor stupid people fail to realize is that if you abuse free enterprise, it will go away, say to Ireland, or India, or China (the irony of this last one is galling!), taking its JOBS and TAX BASE with it.

Anonymous said...

McCain said THE EXACT SAME LINE LAST YEAR in reference to Hillary.

If you want to pick and fight him, go for it, but at least choose valid fights here.

breda said...

tyskkvinna - so Obama was referencing Palin with this lipstick line? Even after he promised to never resort to smears and "politics as usual"?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if he was referencing her or not. I simply said McCain WAS referencing Hillary when HE used the phrase last year.

My point being: the phrase had already been used by one party in the campaign. If the other uses it, it doesn't seem fair/honourable/etc for the first party to get upset that the other guys are using it.

Anonymous said...

My impression was that Palin is the lipstick on the GOP pig.

Hey, whatever takes our attention away from the fact that Obama is a big fan of Unkle Karl, and McCain is a status quo, statist kinda guy. It is an election year, after all.

Anonymous said...

McCain was referencing one of Hillary's legislative proposals. It was not a personal attack on Hillary.

Anonymous said...

See here:
I see it more as a tone-deafness thing than a deliberate slur. But tone-deafness IS a legitimate issue.

Earl said...

I liked the coparison that if McCain had said "The difference is is as obvious as Black and White", the media wouldn't allow him to get away with it.

But don't worry Breda, your lipstick will never infringe on your ability to shoot down bad allusions... you are a reference librarian, the world and words are your oyster.

Scott said...

Google or Youtube search "McCain lipstick pig", without the quotes.
Pot, meet kettle.

mike w: "I thought he promised to run a campaign without all the partisan BS and personal attacks?"
See above.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Deep fried pork rinds, anyone?? Mmm mmm mmm...

I love waking up to the smell of bacon.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing BO win over the hearts and minds of all decent Americans for the Republican ticket.

The Democrat party can keep the sexists, bigots, racists, and people who can't solve word problems.

You know, I still really don't like McCain's policies of the last 8 years, but given that he will have SP as his VP, and given who he's running against, I'd crawl across broken glass to vote for him. BO has just added "total lack of class" to his list of accomplishments.