Monday, September 8, 2008

gunnie love

Some husbands might bring their wives a bouquet of flowers or maybe a box of chocolates when they come home late from the gun show...I got a new magazine for the Ruger Mark II.

And while shopping for deals on reloading supplies, Mike also found inspiration for a new blog post.
Go read.


West, By God said...

Or a box of chocolates with a glock in it. Heh.

The Duck said...

Lady D got a new Blawkhawk Sherpa Holster Saturday

Mike W. said...

Lucky you!

I wish someone would buy me gunnie gifts.

Anonymous said...

I just did some private instruction for a friend of mine who really NEEDS to carry her gun.

I told her that in addition to target ammo she needed to bring 50 rounds of JHP defensive ammo.

She only had 20 rounds on hand, so she called her BF and asked him to stop by the gun shop on the way home from work.

He said, "Most women would ask you to stop and get milk, or bread, but I've never had a grocery list with "50 rds Speed Gold Dots" on it before...:

She was a great student, btw, and I'm a little less worried about her now.

Unknown said...

My goal is to put away enough $$$ to buy my wife a Crimson Trace for her Ruger LCP.

I think if I give her that and chocolate covered strawberries...



BTW, I just started a gun blog. In many ways thanks to Snowflakesinhell and the likes of your blog.


Anonymous said...

My wife got an 11-87 for Mother's Day. Every gun that follows me home gets introduced to my Wife and sometimes she decides to adopt them as her own. Win-Win.


Jay G said...