Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gun Nuts - IDPA

Right in the middle of the podcast last night, I had an idea. Caleb and I always try to post links in the Gun Nuts chatroom, so that those who are listening live can actually see the sites we've used for information while preparing for the show. I thought it'd be helpful if we compiled these links for future reference and for the people who prefer to download the show instead of listening to it live. Just another service provided for you by your friendly Gun Nuts co-host (me). Enjoy.


What is IDPA?

IDPA targets

IPSC targets

Caleb's IDPA holster

Barack Obama's "Joe the Hunter" moment

Barack Obama's record on gun control

Chart comparing Obama and McCain on gun issues

Sarah Palin on guns and hunting

By the way, why aren't you tuning in live? We miss you! (& yes, that is me guilting you into listening. Are you going to force me to resort to bribery? You do know that Tam shows up in the live chat, right? And Phlegmfatale? And me? And sometimes even RobertaX and Holly? Lots of lovely female gunbloggers, all in one place!)


Less said...

You know, if you start shooting IDPA, IPSC or something you might just need to buy that 1911...

Just saying is all...

excitedVulcan said...

Rats! missed a show about IDPA. I really gotta set an alarm or something!

Earl said...

Tuesday night at 6 Pacific Time, whichever, is my quality time with the fellows in McNeil Island, no computer for the chatroom nor podcast, sigh. The things I have done for the country, but no one notices the guy at the back of the room which is the way the world turns. Guilt normally works with me, too, well I best get to exercising.

B Smith said...

I'm holding out for one of those bacon-topped apple pies :-D