Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gun nuts goodness

Last night's show was fantastic - but it would have even better if it was twice as long and had better sound. Adjust your volume accordingly.


alan said...

Y'all did good.

km said...

Great show, good ideas. Decide now! One important thought that came during my chl class was the degree of when to fight. Do I fight when property is endangered? Do I fight if family is endangered? Do I fight if I am endangered?

One important thought that you did not mention was the idea that you can't just blast away at a paper target and think that I can use my training from paper to control my fight. Use the ABC method of three areas to hit your attacker.
A - Head - above the nose holes.
B - Chest area - similar to paper training.
C - Pelvic area - this area will cause the attacker to fall.

We need to get into the mindset that if I fight I will not just hit one area since they didn't stop. There have been policemen that have been killed since they did their double shot to center mass and holstered as they were trained.

Just a few thoughts. I did not mean to make less of the subject material that you presented.

breda said...

Oh, no, KM. Thank you for your input! I've never heard of the ABC method before.

Assrot said...

I'm amazed at all the folks that live in beautiful places that actually have a change of seasons and some snow fly every year yet they want to move to Florida.

I'll trade houses with you when I retire. Good luck trying to find a decent place to shoot down here. We have some of the best gun laws (or lack there of) in the country but the bliss ninnies are running amuck down here outlawing shooting ranges, certain types of ammo, etc.

Try opening a nice shooting range or gun shop down here and it will cost you at least $500K and about 5 years in court to get past the tree huggers and the bliss ninnies.

Florida. Only a buffoon would think of moving here. What ain't bliss ninnies is crack heads. There is probably one good soul for every 100,000 worthless ones down here. Breda's Isle sounds like a much better idea.


Old NFO said...

Good show, at least next week I'll be back stateside and can actually participate :-)

Chris M said...

Assrot, your comments tie in with my son's recent experience.

In the Army but legally a Missouri resident with Missouri tags on his new pickup truck, he was sent to Eglin AFB for training. As he drove through Pensacola on the way to the base he was approached by a carjacker while sitting at a stoplight. The 'jacker saw a young man with short hair, new 4WD truck, and Missouri plates. What he'd really encountered was a former Marine and current Army Iraq veteran with a Missour CCW and an XD subcompact who'd just finished 15 months patrolling in Baghdad. Nobody was hurt and my son still has his pickup but it was a great introduction to Florida.