Thursday, December 11, 2008


Last night, I stopped at my mother's house on the way home from work. It was about 9PM and Mike was already there, helping set up my mom's Christmas tree and enjoying some of her homecooked food.

I got myself a plate and sat down to eat. My family was waiting for me to finish so we could move on to the pie. We chatted a while and got on the topic of whiskey. Mike and I have been exploring different brands of Irish, and I had recently bought a bottle of Feckin' Irish Whiskey, only because the bottle made me laugh out loud in the liquor store*.

Anyway...during this conversation, my mother (who, by the way, has been known to use the word "feck" a few times herself) said, "When I found out I was pregnant with Breda, the first thing her father did was pour himself a big glass of Irish whiskey."

Then Mike - my husband, the man who I vowed to cherish, honor and not pinch - chimes in with, "Yeah! And she's been driving men to drink ever since."

I shot him the look - the one with the eyebrow. He laughed anyway.

*I brought it up to the counter and asked the clerk (who was clearly descended from a more Mediterranean people) and asked, "Has anyone you know ever tried this? Is it any good? I might get it anyway, the bottle is cracking me up."

The man said, "No, but you know, that's the way they say it in Ireland."

I grinned and said, "Yeah. I do know." I took the bottle home. It's not bad.


Anonymous said...

There's a Chinese food joint around the corner from where I work.

Fukien noodles with vegetables...$7.95

Mike W. said...

Good story Breda, made me laugh.

My only exposure to Irish Whiskey has been Jameson. Most usually in the form of Irish Carbombs. (of course I doubt the Irish like that term much, but the drink is delicious.)

Hunter said...

For your next bottle, see if you can find a bottle of Redbreast.
And if you're feeling really flush, a bottle of Jameson's rare vintage. Sticker shock warning in effect.


Anonymous said...

Try Tyrconnell Irish single malt pot whiskey.

It's my favorite Irish, Redbreast is good too.

Anonymous said...

Mike wins. (Bravely)

Old NFO said...

And what woman HASN'T driven men to drink??? :-)

doubletrouble said...

"Yeah! And she's been driving men to drink ever since."

At which point he should have added,

"AND, it's time I thanked her for the ride."

Anonymous said...

I have tried Redbreast, Tullamore Dew (the moonshine style jug it came in made me try it) and Knappogue and I have found that Black Bush is the best Irish Whiskey blend in the $40 or under range, the Bushmills 10 year old Single Malt is pretty good for another $5 or $10 more, then the Bushmill 16 year old single malt in the $70 range.
However if you have some extra money try the Bushmill's 21 year old single malt at about $100. The stuff is amazing and should definitely be drunk out of a brandy snifter at room temperture

Sigboy said...

Irish whiskey? I still will take my Kentukian(sp?) Knob Creek. But whats the difference between somebody from Ireland or Kentucky? One has red hair.
p.s. Extra cheese with my whiskey

Anonymous said...

While not-pinching may be in the vows, I suspect there's a codicil that allows wives to kick husbands's shins under the table.

At least, if there's not, mine's been a berry berry bad girl.


txmom2jami said...

While it's not whiskey, I had a similarly rib-tickling moment when I spied a wine labeled "Fat Bastard" ... cracked me up, as this is also the nickname of my sister-in-law's really LARGE cat, Radar.

Unknown said...

You know we expect a FULL RANGE REPORT post in the not too distant future.

At least tip us off to the ones you thought were decent and hideous. That way others who are exploring similar grounds can avoid wasting their $$$.

- N.U.G.U.N.

Thirdpower said...

I read my wife that story. She gave me the 'look'. The one w/ the eyebrow. I laughed anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

If I remember our (admitttedly traditional) vows taken all those years ago, I vowed to cherish her and she vowed to obey me. Lemme tell you how that's worked out.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...


Anonymous said...

I second the Tyrconnell.

Anonymous said...

The Fat Bastard makers have another called Wicked Bitch, makes a nice birthday present if you know what i mean...wink wink nudge nudge!

John Richardson said...

If you haven't tried it, get some Powers Gold Label. I first had it in Ireland many years ago and I prefer it to Jameson's. From what I've read, it is the biggest seller in Ireland.