Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jennifer's head


But like all true gun chicks, she still made the shot! (also? She's going on my blogroll.)


Anonymous said...

Did she cowgirl it and ride the recoil? What happened?

Just curious,

Shootin' Buddy

Anonymous said...

I was paying more attention to my front site than the distance my forehead was from the rear one. There's a no-head zone there-for future reference. 2nd shot out of the eight round cylinder was the one that smacked me. I still shot the other 6. Didn't get a picture to prove I had made the shot though. There was blood to clean up.

Breda, thanks for the link!

B Smith said...

First time my young nephew shot my Ruger Mk II, he set the back of the slide right up beside his nose, the better to line up those pesky sights precisely.
He had his finger on the trigger, but I managed to stop him before the imminent disaster.
We still tease him about it, ten-plus years later.