Saturday, January 17, 2009

saturday sleep in

I'm running late, as usual. I blame our new thermal drapes - our room is like a dark cozy cave now. Add to that a pile of blankets and the awareness that its 2 degrees outside and it's near impossible to get out of bed.

I'm also at a loss for blogfodder, so I thought I'd share a little known fact about much as octopodes give me the heebiejeebies I love anteaters, tamanduas specifically.

They do laundry!

And eat with utensils!

And prove once and for all that baby mammals were designed to be cute.


Anonymous said...

Not sure I'd want my feet to hit the floor either, what with an eatanter running around...

Anonymous said...

Had my phone not rang this morning at nine or so, I'd probably still be horizontal too, but I've got some enjoyable reading, a sofa, and one of my cats sleeping beside me so it is good.

No anteater though.


Rabbit said...

With 5 6 week old Siberian husky pups running loose in the house, I'm extremely careful about where my feet go.

They'll eat off of silverware, but are incapable of holding it for themselves. Of course, if dogs had opposable thumbs, the pecking order would be very different in most households, I'm sure.


Heath J said...

If all baby mammals are supposed to be cute, how do you explain cats?

Exception to the rule or something??


Anonymous said...

Then there's "The Anteater of Death" - ask your librarian. You know who that is.