Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Remember the Alamo!

Gun Nuts Radio

Tune in tonight to listen to a fascinating show on the history and significance of one of our nation's most famous battles. We'll be joined by Robert of Blackfork, who has been "liveblogging" the events day-by-day.

Please join us! As always the lines for callers will be open, so feel free to ask a question or to share a comment by calling


Anonymous said...

Hi Breda,

I shared this with Tam as well, because Whitebread thought you both might like it/want to blog about it:

A student fought off her attacker, awesome results ensue.

dr mac said...

My wife just got me the last John Greco Alamo Bowie with coffin stag handle. What a coincidence.

I've been walking around all day saying to myself,"You call that a knife mate ? Now here's a knife."