Wednesday, May 6, 2009


(enlarge photos for detail)

... the official gear of the BredaluciĆ³n!

Well, technically, it's #gunblogger_conspiracy gear with a quote about me on the back.

TD of The Unforgiving Minute designed them and put them up on Zazzle intending for the people who hang out on the IRC channel to all have matching shirts (with customizable quotes on the back.) Those of us going to the 2A Blogbash in Phoenix next week are planning on outing ourselves as geeks by wearing them on the same day. I'm sure there will be photos for you to laugh at- a bunch of grinning gunnerds and me, looking like, "Who the hell are these guys and why are we wearing the same shirt?"

I'm kidding. I love the funny, smart, irreverent gunnerds of the IRC - I only wish they were all going to the 2A BlogBash. You'd find us sitting in some corner somewhere, furiously typing on our laptops, chatting to each other online. Occasionally someone would LOL and then there'd be a lot of :D-ing. Someone would let us know that they'd BRB, wander off for a drink and we'd all type "see ya," never looking up from our computer screens.

Anyway, I received my shirt yesterday and in the middle of telling the IRC about it, I had an idea. Here's how it went...
breda: I wonder if I blog the shirt, would readers buy it?
OrangeNeck: probably
And then a few minutes later...
TD: breda, we should do a bredalucion design
alan: YES!
breda: ok
OrangeNeck: heh
OrangeNeck: we'll make her famouser
breda: and put on the back "Carry your gun - it's a lighter burden than regret."
breda: DO IT
alan: that's awesome
OrangeNeck: "Who's that Breda chick on your shirt?"
breda: dooooooooooooooooooooo it
OrangeNeck: "Why, she's ONLY the coolest thing since sliced bread!"
alan: I think she said that in the librarian voice
breda: I will blog it and people will buy it and we'll use the money for beerz
OrangeNeck: oboy oboy oboy oboy. microbrewery beerz!!!
breda: the title will be "The official shirts of the Bredalucion"
Lokidude: Beerz for the winz!
breda: TD!
breda: do it!
TD: breda! I'm doing it!
breda: YAY!!
(Be aware that this conversation took place immediate following last night's Gun Nuts Radio - download HERE - and I was enjoying a well deserved post-show adult beverage. Co-hosting is hard work, you know.)

Anyway, here's what our slightly drunken supernerdy goofiness came up with...I think it's brilliant of course.

*Special thanks to the handsome and talented Robb Allen for the beautiful graphic. He's an amazing web developer, fantastically funny gunblogger and all-around great guy. (by the way, someone hire him and pay him a lot of money - he needs pants. Do it for the children.)


Mike W. said...

Robb did all that without pants!?.... What could he do with a nice pair of slacks? Imagine the possibilities!

There is a "get the gunbloggers drunk in Phoenix" fund?! Dude! Sweet!

Mad Saint Jack said...

I thought Robb bought the Kel-tec so he wouldn't need pants?

Oh and the shirt is a little bit awesome.

(I can haz kissing a hobo shirt?)

Anonymous said...

I'm in for one, assuming Zazzle got my money after a probably-meaningful pop-up was blocked!


Joseph said...

Breda, (sigh)

I think it is not possible for you to be in a photo without being mega-cute. :)

kaveman said...

Bring some shirts to pheonix with you, I'll pick one up.

Although, I'll probably never actually wear it. I'm thinking of converting it to a pillow case so I can...uh,,, make my pillows cooler.

Turk Turon said...

Zazzle is cool!

Last year I designed a "Sarah Palin Is My President" T-Shirt, two of 'em actually: one with an American flag and one with an AR-15. I don't know which of them sold better, but at the end of the year, Zazzle sent me a check for $18.74 in royalties!

SpeakerTweaker said...

[Stingray] Also modular.I LMAO'ed!!!


Robb Allen said...

Consider yourself lucky that I haven't implemented TrackBacks or Pingbacks yet in my blog software.

While I happen to like the title of the post I made linking here... ;)

IZinterrogator said...

So which one should I be on the lookout for on Saturday at the convention, Gunblooger Conspiracy or Viva La Bredalucion?

IZinterrogator said...

Man, I can't spell tonight. Time for bed, yet I'm still at work.

John B said...

Hottie Alert!

John B said...

I got it!
I'll wear a t-shirt of your first pic.
The Caption will say "For American and Mz. Breda!"