Friday, May 15, 2009

media room

I've decided that I will occasionally update the blog with random NRA Meeting/Blog Bash photos. Here's your first installment...

All the bloggers were given media passes...

...and a room in which to gather. We're all hooked up with wifi, big TV screens and snacks.

Going to brave the exhibits soon - stay tuned.


Mad Saint Jack said...

Have fun.

While you are there you should ask bloggers about putting together a Camp Perry BlogMeet.

WV: cries

WV h8s TSA

Warthog said...

So, you going to post a whole traveling with your gun post so we know how that went?

Hope you enjoyed the flight and have a good time out there.

Anonymous said...

Great to see some posting. Your perspective really adds something different to the mix of gun blogs I read.

I was sorry to hear of the TSA shakedown, but it might be nice to hear about Bredacool things that you find there, and maybe your experiences carrying in a place far from Ohio.

Looking forward to more Breda gun posts!

davidwhitewolf said...

Sure wish I could have made it.

Be sure to ask Crimson Trace when they're going to make a laser for the Bersa Thunder .380!

Word verification: fenicon

JohnW said...

Crimeny. First I cannot find either you nor anyone who knows where you might be and now my bemoaning post gets eaten. Manana.

Anonymous said...

How's that 103? Nice huh? Breda: Desert good, snow bad. Hope you're having a wonderful time in Phoenix.

Christina RN LMT said...

Kick. Ass.

The first words that came to mind when I saw your media pass.

Keep the posts coming, Breda!

Tam said...