Monday, August 24, 2009

don't quit your day job

A fine example of why sports writers should stick to writing about sports. (and how you can completely make things up, get someone to publish them, and still get paid - hooray for journalism!)
"There were stories this week about protesters carrying guns outside
venues where President Obama was appearing. Presumably, these are legally
registered guns. But there's really no chance one of them could accidentally
discharge? Does that mean Burress' gun went off because his Florida permit had
The point isn't political. The point is that a gun is a gun."


Mike W. said...

Wow! The sheer amount of FAIL in that quote is astounding.

Sadly it's par for the course when it comes to "journalists" discussing guns.

Anonymous said...

"A gun is a gun"?

Yes, grasshopper.

They are closer than they enlightenment!

Anonymous said...

I do hope stupidity isn't contagious, because I've just been exposed.


TBeck said...

These same people see nothing wrong with playing bumper cars at 80mph on the beltway, however. It's all about relative risk tolerance and comfort zones.

Jay G said...

Jim, just keep reading Breda - the perfect antidote to liberal stupidity (but I repeat myself...)

SpeakerTweaker said...

People are so stupid. Plaxico Burress' gun did not go off because his Florida permit expired. It went off because George Bush (the president at the time) hates black people, so he had the NRA plant an EEEEEVIL gun in the waistband (sans holster) of Burress' warmups that was designed to go off spontaneously when the comBINED AMOUNT OF STUPID IN THE MEDIA REACHED A BOILING POINT AND GUNS STARTED GOING OFF ALL OVER THE COUNTRY AND MINE SHOT ME AND MY WIFE AND KID AND DOG AND BOTH CATS AND... And...

Whew. Gotta switch to decaf:)

Yes; a gun is a gun. And a moron is a moron.


JKB said...

Funny I was under the impression the President was surrounded by men and women with guns. The very type of guns that are claimed could accidently discharge. Worse still, if you are near the President or the security perimeter, it is likely that you were targeted ever so briefly by one of those very guns that could accidently discharge. Or are we to believe the snipers stand around smoking cigarettes?

Oh, I forgot, they've got that gumit trainin'. Whereas someone lawfully carrying only has well training, practice and the all to real risk of persecution should his weapon accidently discharge.

Tom said...

There IS one good point there

And what of Antonio Pierce? The Giants linebacker was with Burress on the night of the shooting. He admitted taking the gun home with him and then dropping it off at Burress' house. Somehow, that wasn't possession of a firearm according to the New York District Attorney's Office. Pierce wasn't charged with a crime. Pierce faces no consequences from NFL commissioner and hanging judge Roger Goodell.

Selective prosecution. It's why we have a legal system, NOT a justice system.

Actually, there are a few good points.

As the Burress incident illustrates, it's a better idea to avoid places where you feel you need a gun.

Something these folks ignore, hand in hand with situational awareness. Yes you can't always avoid those areas but you can avoid certain types of people and situations.

David said...

The best example of sports guys who should stick to sports is Keith Olbermann. He started out as the CBS sports reporter in LA before moving on to bacome the top spittle spewing Bush hater at MSNBC.

Then again, he wasn't a very good sports reporter either.....

Myles said...

I wonder if I could hear the pop from Sheridan's head exploding if and when someone informs him that those of us out here in 'Zona don't HAVE to register our guns.