Tuesday, September 1, 2009

like herding cats

With gunbloggers being notorious for their independent, quick-witted, and sometimes even contrary characters, Caleb and I might just be a little bit crazy for attempting a round table edition of Gun Nuts Radio.

Listen live tonight at 9PM EST to hear The Atomic Nerds, Joe Huffman, Robb Allen, Caleb and me discussing the impact of "new media" on Second Amendment rights and the shooting sports. And knowing this crowd,there will be lots of surprises and plenty of laughs.

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/gunnuts - Tuesday nights at 9PM EST


Mad Saint Jack said...

Gun Nuts gets Vicious?

Mike W. said...

Just make sure Robb keeps his pants on!

Caleb said...

I won't lie, a little bit of this was inspired by my enjoyment of the free form nature of Vicious Circle, but more it was because I didn't feel like doing show prep tonight.

Lokidude said...

I just hope to hear Labrat erupt into one of her epic rants that pretty much makes me fall over in delirious laughter.

Joe Huffman said...

Yeah, I figure Labrat and Robb will dominate. I'll just be there to say I was there.

It should be fun.

LabRat said...

Note to self: in future, have mental note for where to insert rant.

(Gun Nuts on its worst day is WAAAY more structured than VC, which is almost always to its benefit.)