Monday, October 12, 2009

oh, say can you OC?

Anyone know of a good retention holster for a Bersa Thunder .380?

You know...because I can.


Tom said...

I'm on the lookout for a holster grip NAA mini so I can clip it to my front pocket, both pants and jacket, and see who actually notices. Since I'm here in NE Ohio I can't carry loaded in the car so a revolver makes a bit more sense and I want a teeny tiny 22 for kicks.

Just need to find a deal.

I honestly don't get the ZOMG! OC! Do people paint downtown brown when they see a cop or armed security?

Mad Saint Jack said...

If you can't find something made for the Bersa FIST does custom holsters with an optional thumb break and/or tension screw.

--- Tom I'm not a fan of mini-revolvers unless you get you kicks by missing your target at very close range.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I don't have answer for your question (I carry a full size 1911), but I do applaud you for seeking to open carry.
A certain blogger is falling deeper down the rabbit hole and I fear he may not be able to dig himself out of this one. Shame. I like a lot of what he posts.
Unfortunately for me, I live in what calls an anomalous open carry state. So I have to check with local police/sheriff's offices of the areas I travel to or through to determine the local rules and attitudes (of LEOs, not the public...let the public wet their pants, this is the south, dangit!).
I see a strange convergence of you're previous post, Robb's post that you linked and a few posts about a week ago at *mummblemummble* in Hell. I may put a post together tonight at my (extremely high traffic ;-)) blog explaining what I mean.

Mike W. said...

I OC in a Blackhawk Serpa, though I'm a bit wary after reading Brigid's post about hers locking up at the range.

Anonymous said...

The rare times I do open carry, I also use a Blackhawk Serpa (for the 1911, don't know if they have one for 380 Bersa Thunder), and Bridgid's post did raise my eyebrows. But given that I've not heard of any other horror stories regarding the Serpa, I'd chalk it up to a fluke.

Yes, flukes can get you killed, but I have trouble believing that there's *any* holster that will be 100% reliable with 100% guns with 100% of the usage patterns.

Caleb said...

They do not make a Serpa for the Bersa, however Galco makes a couple of thumb break holsters that will fit the Bersa.

On another note, FIRE UP THE DRAMATRAIN.

MCSA56 said...

Desantis makes the basic thumb-snap retention holster for the Bersa.

I think this style is pretty much all you'll find by maker (Galco, HighNoons, etc.)

Anonymous said...

I can't vouch for any of them personally because I don't own a Bersa, but here are a few possibilities:

Barsony Holsters



John said...

Full retention for something like the Bersa might mean going with leather, which will cost you. There are some nice choices in leather out there, though.

Passive retention holsters are pretty good in general for the cost -- I prefer Fobus. I use them with my 1911 and my Walther. Here's one:

They're solid enough to break into a sprint without worrying about the pistol departing company.

Then again, based entirely on my personal taste, if I were going to OC regularly, I'd do it with something a bit more elegant than my semi-autos. Maybe a pair of Vaqueros, but only because I have to be different.

Mike said...

Gotta admit, it's a lot more fun being on the "how much freedom are we going to demand" drama train, than on the "how much freedom can we salvage" one.

I never thought I'd see it in my lifetime.

It must make Sarah Brady a very sad panda indeed to know our side's biggest arguments don't involve her at all.

Perhaps second amendment advocacy provides a template for winning back the rest of the Bill of Rights.

Weer'd Beard said...

Well Breda, this would be a good time to buy that Officer's ACP pistol. EVERYBODY makes EVERY kind of retention holster for that one!

Also the Officer's ACP doesn't have that icky Magazine Disconnect!

Just tell Mike that's all you want for Christmas and see if he'll spring with you early!

Caleb said...

Oh, don't buy a Fobus. Tam will cry tears of pure sadness if you buy one of those.

Eseell said...

This is what I carry my 1911 in. Galco makes one and several other holsters for the Bersa Thunder.

Warthog said...

I have a fobus belt holster for a bersa thunder that I would send you if you want it.

The Packetman said...

I agree with Weer'd ..... an opportunity to go up in a carry weapon.

But unless you intend to change over all the way with a .45, I'd carry a Commander-length 1911 before the Officer's mdl ...... if I had a choice!

og said...

Crap, make your own. Cheap, and you'll like it better.

I'll show it to you if you come to the October meet.

The HOLSTER, I mean.

Buckshot said...


Try an Uncle Mikes' Super Belt Slide. They make one #6801 size 1 for 3" - 4" barrel medium autos.

I recently found one (ONLY one in town I could find) to let me carry my J-frame Smiths left handed for a while due to a pinched nerve somewhere in my right shoulder and the inability for me to pull more than about 3 1/2 lbs. with my right trigger finger.

I found it at MC Sports and paid $23.24 including sales tax for it.

It is nylon, a pancake style and the straps are reversible to be used for either left or right hand carry.

They list a web site at:


Jeff the Baptist said...

At least a couple of OC members in my local group have used Uncle Mikes/Blackhawk Nylon holsters for carry with the Bersa. They use a thumb break for retention.

You're probably better off looking around for a Walther PPK/S or other holster that will also fit a Bersa though.

Tam said...

Most leather holsters for the PPK/SIG P-230 will work just fine on the Bersa. Getting the thumb break to snap might take some effort the first few times, but it breaks in just fine.

Anonymous said...


My open carry for my bersa is a Fobus. Works very well - make sure you learn how to draw correctly from this holster. You must draw on the cant and it will come out everytime - other than that, it won't come out.

Not good for concealed carry, but love it for open

Anonymous said...

Get a 'Security' tee-shirt and wear it when you go with open carry. No one will even notice you.

Zendo Deb said...

Tam beat me to it... the Thunder 380 is a near clone of the PPK. (Not as near as the Series 96 - which I dropped overboard one day)

But the T-380/PPK is a concealed kind of weapon. Open carry sounds like an excuse for an early Christmas Present... something with a longer barrel perhaps?

PA State Cop said...

My working holster is a Safariland 0701 for a G19. Link porvided.

pdb said...

Don Hume H717, $48.

TNbourbon said...

Try Nate Gable has a good business supplying Bersa carriers.

TNbourbon said...

Oops -- make that