Wednesday, November 25, 2009



Alan said...

Socialism: Failing on the blood of millions for centuries.

PPPP said...

Have you ever noticed that those who most wish to impose Socialism on the rest of us almost always set themselves in positions of authority, and find ways to game the system so that they get more than their fair share?

rickn8or said...

B-b-but Socialism has failed before because they didn't have the right people in charge!

Have a great Thanksgiving, y'all!

Anonymous said...

Well put.

Happy Thanksgiving, Breda.


Anonymous said...

When considered at a purely evolutional level socialism makes no sense. There are a wide range of ways we humans can be "fit to survive" - strength, speed, health, intelligence, beauty, work ethic -- even charm.

But if we agree to live under a system designed so that those who are "fittest" to survive are the laziest and most manipulative among us - we'll be completely and utterly screwed.