Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Clearly, I must be an amazon.

- someone is going to tell me I'm doing it wrong, I'm sure.

- happy birthday, KdT.


Anonymous said...

My wife (5'7" and 110ish) can rack the slide on my 1911. But not the glock 30.


Anonymous said...

You're doing it wrong.

Man, I ought to be ashamed of myself for shooting them on the branch like that...

Mike James

Unix-Jedi said...

You're doing it wrong, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

I should have added this-- :)

Mike James

Jennifer said...

Perfect! That's exactly the technique I've taught women in the ladies classes.

Caleb said...


TBeck said...

The trigger is nekkid and the slide is fully retracted. If the gun goes BOOM when you want it to, you're doing it right. My only advice is to let the slide go once is it fully retracted.

Mike W. said...

And then there are men like myself who have trouble doing what you've just demonstrated with a heavily sprung gun.

It's more a grip strength & dexterity issue than a gender issue.

Chief Chicken said...

While gun is clearly unloaded and your finger is off the trigger, the muzzle does cross the photographers path on several occasions. Otherwise nice job!

Tango Juliet said...

Dear tiny, deadly Amazon,

More special effects in that clip than in the whole Star Wars empire.

Has to be a 4 lb recoil spring.


Careful. Now you'll want a 1911. They're addictive.

Jennifer said...

If being able to do this makes us Amazons, I want an invisible plane and hot outfit.

pdb said...

This is clearly a setup. Did someone take the recoil spring out for you?

Weer'd Beard said...

It's all about tecnique. When I took my sister-in-law to the range she had some concerns about safety and storage. I showed her my 1911 and how when safe storage becomes illegal here I'll dump the trigger lock and just store it with loaded mags nearby. I showed how fast I can ready the gun. (With snap caps)

I then unloaded replaced the snap-cap in the mag and asked her to do it.

She couldn't.

I then showed her the Cathy Jackson trick.

No problem then.

Same goes with recoil. Even a small person with only moderate arm strenth can handle even a stout .357 magnum or a 12 gauge slug, just you need to make sure your form is SOLID.

Tango Juliet said...

WV: Scrack - Shrek's little brother

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

right handers are so lucky

Alan said...

I've held Labrat's 1911 on several occasions. It has a stiff spring and a tight lockup. Not easy at all.

Wai said...

Recoil spring in my .45ACP 1911 is 18 lbs. Recoil spring in my 10mm 1911 is 21 lbs.

Ed Rasimus said...

If it gets the job done, you're doing it right. Therefore my comments are "technique only" and not procedure. Try to keep the muzzle down range or pointed toward the threat. Keep the trigger finger extended and straight. Release the slide and let it slam forward rather than ride it.

And, notice that there is a difference in how hard it is to rack if the hammer is not cocked versus what you do in that video where it remains back after the first time you've cycled.

A full sized 1911 like that would be a pleasure to shoot recoil-wise. Have fun.

zdogk9 said...

I'm at least twice your weight and about a foot taller. That's just how I rack the slide. Guess we're doing it wrong ;(

Robert Langham said...

I'm ecstatic that you got to shoot so many different types of firearms. Quite the nice crowd of folks out there!

Anonymous said...

When racking the slide of a 1911, and returning said slide to battery, without a round or snap cap chambered, be kind to your sear. :)

James said...

Now see here little Missy, you stop that right now. You/re not allowed to contradict an internet GOD.

Tam said...


"When racking the slide of a 1911, and returning said slide to battery, without a round or snap cap chambered, be kind to your sear. :)"

I know I ain't nobody, but from my experience (and the people to whom I've talked and worked with who build megabuck 1911s) that dicta dates from the days when a good trigger pull was created by whittling a knife edge on a butter-soft wartime GI sear.

A modern bucks-up 1911 with a properly-hardened tool steel sear will shrug that off. If you buy a CCA gun, it's had the slide dropped a hundred or so times before you ever see it, with the C&S sear examined for wear and proper engagement via loupe and micrometer more than once prior to shipping.

Glenn B said...

All the recoil, racking, keeping proper stance and hold from all the shooting has built up some muscles!

All the best,
Glenn B

John said...

Doing it wrong? It goes back, it goes forward. Problem solved.

'Course, a 1911 in .45 does have a relatively light recoil spring -- 18lb I think. I run 24lbs in my 10mm 1911 because I got tired of the gun self destructing every 100 rounds. Reassembly after cleaning & inspection is a bitch.

Aaron Geisler said...

Try it with the hammer down as you would load it on the range.

Pop N Fresh said...

Am I first to really correct you here? The racking dance is two steps to the left, then a step to the right, THEN rock left and right repeatedly... while continuing to rack.

Anonymous said...

racking the slide was fine. How close you were putting your support hand to the front of the muzzle repeatedly (might have crossed at about 0:24) was worrisome.

LawDog said...

Try it with the hammer down as you would load it on the range.

I've seen her rack the slide with the hammer down. Last weekend. Repeatedly, on about -- literally -- a dozen different models of 1911, from Officer-sized, right up to the Nerds bloody tight Les Baers.

No problem.

Even if it were to be a problem, she has opposable thumbs, the 1911 has an exposed hammer, and it would be the work of less than a second to thumb-cock it before racking.

But she doesn't need to do that, because she's a good and attentive student.

Unknown said...

What a bunch of cheerleaders you guys are.

Anonymous mentioned something: "racking the slide was fine. How close you were putting your support hand to the front of the muzzle repeatedly (might have crossed at about 0:24) was worrisome."

But what worries me more is what you did at 18 seconds, dear Breda.

But the best thing is no one said anything about it. I guess they all felt so bad about all the unsolicited advice they gave you on the M-14 stance. But here we're talking about muzzle control. There's not much that's more important than that.

Anonymous said...

I liked the "Breda Slide Racking Dance".


Shootin' Buddy

Mike W. said...

Uh MikeB & anon the gun is quite clearly unloaded, her finger is obviously indexed along the frame and not on the trigger, and while her hand is near the muzzle it doesn't cross in front of it.

What is it with folks on the internet?

Dave S said...

Mike W,

Rule 1 is what is with folks on the internet.


Farm.Dad said...

Assholes who know neither the lady nor the circumstances of the video is what it seems to be on the internet .

Breda was on MY range this last weekend with the mentoring of more real world firearms experience than all the chairborn rangers commenting fantasize about in their wildest rpg withdrawals . In the course of 2 days , several thousand rounds and handleing 20+ separate firearms she never committed ANY safety infraction whatsoever . My best advise is that when you are not present and see a video from one angle it might be best to stfu unless and until you have all the info .

Farmmom said...

Breda You are welcome on our range any day of the week. I NEVER saw a safety infraction made by you the entire weekend. If these armchair commandos want to sit there and try to inflate their own egos they can do that. I have been on the range with you and would welcome you at my back anytime.

Mike W. said...

I was just going to say that the people in the video don't seem to be coming here and chastizing Breda for "safety violations."

I'll take the opinions of those that were with her over the Monday morning QB's on the internet.

Thanks Farmmom & Farmdad.

BTW, those really worried about safety violations should spend a few hours at your nearest public range (preferrably one that rents guns)

Alan said...

Well, I shot the video and the point of the whole thing was to ridicule the idea that a woman, Breda in particular, couldn't rack the slide on a 1911.

Breda, in the spirit of the thing, went to ludicrous extremes racking the slide.

There are always exceptions to the rules and this was one of them.

Dave S said...


You didn’t address me specifically, but since you referenced the “on the internet” line that I referenced in my reply to Mike W, I’ll assume that I’m among the targets of your asshole slur.

My brief comment to Mike W was in response to Mike and his statement that “…the gun is quite clearly unloaded”

Yes, the gun is clearly not loaded. But then there’s Rule 1. So it is loaded.

That point was directed at Mike W, not at Breda, and was in no way intended as an insult to either of them, much less the owner of the range. It was simply to point out that Mike’s defense of Breda was itself a Rule 1 violation. No implication that Breda was in the wrong there at all.

You’re right that I wasn’t there, but I can plainly see one safety violation in that video.

Rule 2 at about 17-20 seconds into the video. The muzzle clearly sweeps the photographer and the person to the left whose hands are seen coming into frame at about 12 seconds. The vid may show only one angle, as you point out, but that angle is all that is needed to see that photog and another were swept.

You can state that it isn’t what it looks like, but it sure looks like what it looks like. That is in no way a personal attack on anyone, just a comment on the video. Period.

Breda is a gunblogger, and a good one at that. I love Breda’s blog, and it is among my top five favorites that get read just about any time I sit down at a computer. I think Breda is fully capable of handling a few comments on her gun handling skills, especially when they (rarely) run afoul of the Four Rules. It is my opinion that gunbloggers, as a prominent public facet of the shooting community, should be particularly conscientious of the Four Rules, especially when posting videos of gun handling skills.

I understand the point of the video, and as a 1911 shooter I am just as excited as everyone else to see one in Breda’s hands. I also am sure that Breda’s safety skills are up to par and that a good safe time was had by all at the event.

If you want to take this as a personal attack on you, Mike W, Breda, the photog or anyone else who was there, then understand that it is not in any way intended as such. I simply believe that there are no exceptions to the Four Rules.

If I am an asshole for being a stickler about the Four Rules, then so be it.


Chief Chicken said...

Farm.Dad, using foul language towards people you don't know doesn't help your point. Those who were critical only mentioned problems observed in the video. No need for name calling. Remember, violate one of the big four safety rules and it's no big deal. Violate more than one and someone may get hurt.

breda said...

Listen closely.

Farmdad can use any language he pleases. This is my blog and I say what goes. I most certainly do not appreciate a complete stranger scolding the man who was kind and generous enough to host me and the other bloggers at Blogorado.

I will not tolerate this any longer. My comment sections are NOT A FORUM. If you have something to say, get your own blog. I can, and will, delete comments if necessary.

Farm.Dad said...

Kids i posted here for both this post and the m14 " helpers " on that post . If you choose to self designate as an asshole or a wannabe then you have the right and ability to validate my earlier comment .

I wont further clutter this post with worthless argument about the issue.

Clint said...

Back to the 1911, I thumb-cock the hammer myself before racking the slide. However, I have a 16 lb recoil spring and a 23lb hammer spring. That heavy hammer spring makes racking the slide no fun if the hammer is down.

Before someone asks why I have a 23 lb hammer spring (AKA mainspring), JMB designed it that way so the hammer acts as a drag-brake on the slide to prevent battering of the frame.

And frankly, thumbing the hammer down makes slide racking SO much easier that I am surprised so few do it.

FarmGirl said...

Breda's racking dance is adorable, but all the people offering "helpful" advice and frankly harping on things should know that her "In the black at 970 yards" dance is even better.

Just sayin'.

Dr. Feelgood said...

I've had to modify my racking technique slightly for the BEagle since the slide rides inside the frame rails and leaves precious little exposed for a proper racking grasp. There's also that little bugger of a slide-mounted safety to contend with.

The BEagle's up on gunbroker. I haven't yet decided with what to replace it. I'm leaning toward the XD45, but perhaps I'm overdue for a 1911. I suppose the final decision will be made after the sheriff decides on my carry permit application (may-issue state, grumble grumble).

Mike W. said...

And frankly, thumbing the hammer down makes slide racking SO much easier that I am surprised so few do it.

+1000 to this.

One of my P6's has a very stiff mainspring that makes racking with the hammer down much harder. My mom couldn't rack the slide at all with the hammer down, and I've made a habit of cocking beforehand. It just makes sense for me.

James said...

I hope that it was obvious that my post was making fun of the person who wrote the post you linked to and not you. I don't see any need to give you unasked advice. My GF started with a Bersa Thunder, progressed to a Ruger SP101 and now can't keep her hands off of my 1911s at the range. Maybe you should start a "buy Breda a 1911 fund".

Kristophr said...

Breda: When booting these know-it-all trolls in the nads ... do it any way you damned well please.

Bonus points for beating them unco with yer leg.

Just post gifs pleeze.

Anonymous said...

The only way you could be doing it "more better" is in a wet T-shirt!

Unknown said...

This should be nominated for "funniest thread."

Alan the photographer told us it was all a spoof, that Breda was pretending not to be able to handle the gun.

What's so funny are the ones who came to her defense thinking it was all real and talking about tight springs and other weapons which would be more easily handled.

Of course this doesn't change the fact the Rules were violoated.

Kristophr said...

MikeB .... stfu.

Breda followed all of the safety rules ... hopefully you can come to the next shoot and help her with rule #1.

Since you are new to firearms, here they are for your education.

Unknown said...

Meh, I'm still a little jumpy around people pointing guns. Had I been behind that camera, there would have been a few quick sidesteps.

That said, my girlfriend (who is quite small) has only had issues racking one firearm - a beretta cheetah, and that thing was unbelievably tight and has a slide that barely even seems to be there at all when you go for a full grip. Rock climbing experience helps. :D

Mezzoduomo said...

You're not doing the racking wrong, but you sure are muzzling the camera man and anybody else nearby. Yikes!

Andy C said...

Great post, i've been racking my brains how to do this!