Monday, October 8, 2007


Even though Sundays can't officially be counted as vacation days, we decided to treat it like one anyway. We slept in, noodled around the house for a few hours and then went to the range.

I shot every gun in the arsenal except for the .38 snubby (I've decided I do not like that gun. We are not friends, and until it decides to apologize for hurting my hand every time I shoot it, we will continue to be on non-speaking terms.) We have another revolver, a stainless steel .357 magnum Ruger SP101 DAO that I use to shoot .38 specials. This gun I like (you know, for a revolver) The stainless steel is heavy enough to absorb a lot of the recoil and the sights are much better than the snubby. I shot 25 rounds and had a couple of "Ah-ha!" moments when I actually hit the target exactly where I was aiming.

From my new friend Neil, a Sunday regular at the range, I learned that there is a difference between target sights and combat sights, ammo quality matters, and that I am still using too much fingertip (argh). I'd like to always get a stall next to him...he is an encyclopedia of knowledge and as a bonus, he lets me shoot his guns. The People of the Gun are nice folks.

After the range we went to Gander Mountain because I just had to see if they had the pink shotgun...and they DID! (and a matching .22 rifle) It's seriously cute and makes that oh-so-satisfying "ChaCHUNK" sound. It's engraved with "Shoot like a girl...if you can!" on the stock and even comes with a matching pink ballcap. I really wanted a new digital camera for Christmas, but now I'm reconsidering. A shotgun in the house seems to be the thing for taking care of those pesky home, imagine their surprise when they find me there to meet them in the dark of night. A pissed off me, with fuzzy slippers and a pink shotgun, shouting, "Stay on the tile! Stay on the tile!" (much easier to mop up later.)


James R. Rummel said...

Good post. Brought a tear to my eye.


daleosborn said...

Which range did you go to? I live in Kirtland, and this summer I've been going to the ODNR range in West Farmington.

Breda said...

dale -

Sevesteen said...

I also have a .38 snubby that's rude at the range. I think that's its way of saying "This isn't what I was built for! I'm supposed to ride around in your pocket, and you aren't supposed to wake me up unless you really need me!"

Most of the time I listen.

Roderick said...

I'd go with the 870 over the digital camera any day. I've got a couple (an Express Super Mag Combo and a Marine Magnum, both in twelve gauge). I love them with a depraved, unholy passion. And even in twenty gauge, an 870 (heck, any shotgun) is wonderfully destructive. If you think punching paper is fun, just wait until you try blowing up pumpkins with a shotgun...


Robb Allen said...

Mi madre has a Rossi 38 special snub nose which I just got through thoroughly cleaning and lubricating for her.

I still hate it.

I'm a big guy. I shoot .357 magnum, 7x62x54R and 10mm because I like the recoil and the concussion. And that #$@^&* Rossi snub nose practically tears my wrists off.

My momma? I made the mistake of telling her she was missing the target. Turns out, she just shoots through the same hole to conserve paper. She's *that* good with the abominable thing.

comatus said...

It's nice to hear your romantic week is off to a suitable start. This is way better than watching soap operas.

I couldn't agree more about snub-noses. I've handled them in .22,.38,.357 and .44, and find them all unpleasant, and the smaller and lighter, the worse. When I really, really need to play James Bond, I use the truly concealable Beretta .25 (It's a lighter! No, it's a tie-bar!). For real-life carry, a 4" barrel will conceal within the law, and I don't care if it "prints." I like a little "print."

If you're after a multi-purpose shotgun, don't be afraid of 12 gauge. With light loads the kick is not bad, and if you don't hold the gun right, a 20 hurts just as much. With the right shell a 12 is good for defense, pheasant, trap, rabbit and deer. No other single size will do all that competently. But remember to learn about the loads, and practice that shoulder-mount a lot before you start shooting it. Sounds like you'll have good help on that.