Monday, October 8, 2007

my stripey boys

The kittens are being assimilated. Our girl cats are alternately tolerating them, ignoring them, or hissing at them if they need scolding. Our older boy cat, Desmond, has started to play with the kittens...instigating little chases, playing pattycake paws, and today even tried to wrestle with them. Now, Desmond is a big cat. He's not fat by any means, just a big solid tom. I've warned him that if he gets any bigger the Department of Wildlife will make us put him in a zoo. He must be nearing 20 lbs. by now, and is just the sweetest boy, my hunka hunka purrin' love. He is so careful with the kittens, pinning them down, nibbling gently on their tummies and patiently letting them kick him with their little back feet.

I admit I was a little worried about him meeting the kittens. I thought that if he was angry and went after them, big as he is, things could get ugly fast. I'm so relieved it went the other way. He really likes having brothers to play with (his sisters are not always appreciative of his rough housing)... and they keep him from getting into trouble because he's bored.

Progress in the clowder!

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